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Rating Stats for

Martijn Pieters

1860.97 (3rd)
415,866 (13th)
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Title Δ
Odd rounding issue 0.00
How to ignore any blanks or spaces when sorting two lists together... +0.61
Redefining __init__ with metaclass in Python 3 0.00
What mechanisms does the Python interpreter use to be able to do ev... 0.00
Keep track of pypi dependencies - who is using my packages 0.00
python Beautiful Soup - cannot find the feed URL +0.11
python: remove type from defaultdict +0.11
No output matching file names using split() and glob.glob() 0.00
Python conditional joining of *consecutive* strings that don't... +0.26
Python3 - How does one define an abstract subclass from an existing... 0.00
Why the size of the python reference is so large? 0.00
Python loop functions arguments 0.00
Removing quotes from python set of strings +0.11
Can you check what is wrong in this code? +0.11
Python 3.6 pickling custom procedure 0.00
Use AST module to mutate and delete assignment/function calls 0.00
Difference between Python2 and Python3 while using map with find an... 0.00
TypeError: expected bytes, str found in custom python function -0.87
What are these extra symbols in a comprehension's symtable? +0.90
Parsing out prices in a nested structure of markets and runners? 0.00
XML To CSV Python 3.5.2 0.00
Python: How to use if any("str" in item for item in list)? 0.00
Generate 3 different random number in Python +0.11
Custom coroutines in Python +0.92
Error in Argparse python 3.6 0.00
Check if at least one of two values exist and are not empty 0.00
Python mock to throw exception 0.00
Why do round() and math.ceil() give different values for negative n... +0.11
Custom type hint annotation 0.00
How to find all differences between two dictionaries efficiently in... +0.69
combining strptime and strftime loops -0.95
Running coroutines and threads in asyncio event loop: Errors while... 0.00
How do I get the "title" of an anchor tag using Beautiful... 0.00
Pathlib Error accessing Path with Path.parents 0.00
POST request including file using python 0.00
Why cannot I not do the string formatting at the start of a variabl... +0.66
Does Python refer to the same instance in my 'from Bla import b... 0.00
The difference between 'setLevel' of a logger and 'setL... 0.00
Python Unit Test: mock the function wrapping other function? 0.00
Programming style & avoiding null values +0.36
Python Socket getattr requires integer 0.00
Converting datetime.datetime.second to an integer 0.00
setattr doesn't update the correct attribute of a class when us... 0.00
Python3 - parse_qs doesn't separate arguments as expected 0.00
mysqldb query: not enough arguments for format string +0.12
Why in Python 3 do quadruple quotes produce a Syntax error? +0.71
Python - Cannot publish module to PyPI 0.00
Creating dictionary from list in Python - dict key omits Identical... +0.72
Why do *args and **kwargs seem to disappear in class decorator? 0.00
Confusing setter and getter? Why does using the setter throw 's... 0.00