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Martijn Pieters

1842.28 (4th)
415,866 (13th)
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Title Δ
Python: convert datedelta to int value of time difference +0.54
Getting `list` object no attribute error in BS4 0.00
Can JInja templates be dumped into strings? 0.00
How to index a list using another list variable? E.g. a = range(5),... 0.00
How to use a variable from the url 0.00
Creating reciprocal dicts in python 0.00
Atom auto indentation script ruins Python indentation 0.00
ValueError: time data '0000-00-00 00:00:00' does not match... 0.00
Lambda expression in a list comprehension Python +0.12
Python list sorting with string +0.12
Generate two different list comprehensions using a single iterable 0.00
SHA 256 of what? +0.43
TypeError: 'pygame.Surface' object is not callable [Pygame... +0.48
What is the type hint for a function 0.00
Installing enum34 on Python 3.x breaks pip for Python3.x 0.00
Why is my return function not working the way I want it to? (Python... +0.12
Should I seed randint function in random package in python? 0.00
Python add class to __mro__ at runtime 0.00
Merge lists inside list with conditional clause +0.32
Syntax error in 'as', is it about import? 0.00
python format is failing when trying to format and html string -3.53
HTTP Post using urllib vs requests in Python 0.00
Why is NotImplementedType not a type subclass? 0.00
Printing items out of a generator +0.77
adding datime.datetime and datetime.time 0.00
Replacing a substring in a string that is in between (') in Pyt... -2.32
How can I fix the if statements in my while loops? 0.00
How __future__ imports work under the hood 0.00
itertools.islice raise a ValueError when used with functools.partial +0.52
Python : list of strings to list of unique characters +0.37
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get... 0.00
Iterator as boolean statements? -3.08
Python bitwise vs boolean operators 0.00
Do the attributes in python classes change value if given the same... +0.11
Is there any way to return value in list comprehension? +0.95
AttributeError: 'Rsa' object has no attribute 'n' 0.00
Using hasattr() when the attribute is not known 0.00
How can I treat this ampersand as text? 0.00
Python 3.6 - is there a condition that can behave like otherwise? 0.00
Understanding iterative properties of Python "in" operato... +0.12
Why do I get a NameError in Python? 0.00
Writing into a file then reading it on Python 3.6.2 +0.19
Subclassing namedtuple, __new__ and __init__ 0.00
I have a list with unicode and int, what's the pythonic way to... +0.42
List of lists, matching first item in a list to second element in t... +0.40
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected number error when loading JSON dat... 0.00
doubts of Python's collection.defaultdict usage 0.00
Could someone explain why python dictionary is behaving in this man... 0.00
python 2 syntax error when running python 3 code 0.00
How does the "in" and "not in" statement work i... +0.66