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Martijn Pieters

1851.71 (4th)
415,866 (13th)
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Title Δ
How to merge multiple dictionaries by key 0.00
Can dict been shared between parent process and child process? +0.11
How can I fix this warning:UnicodeWarning: Unicode equal comparison... 0.00
The proper way to compare a variable with None 0.00
replacement of the members of a list to produce all possible permut... 0.00
Numpy argsort behavior for equal numbers 0.00
Is there a way to write a class decorator for rollback purposes? -1.29
Python 3: Nested while loops based time +0.46
Efficiency of for loop iteration on a python generator 0.00
How to flatten a list of nested tuples in Python? +0.77
AttributeError: 'UUID' object has no attribute 'replace... 0.00
Why is exponentiation applied right to left? +0.11
Why do we prefer to use self.method() instead of Class.method(self) 0.00
Iterate over a class composed of other classes 0.00
How to mock just the method inside the class 0.00
What's the inferred name of variables in argparse in conflictin... 0.00
magic method for passing object in function as argument? 0.00
Python binary string representation 0.00
Implement coroutine in terms of async def -1.53
accessing function attributes inside decorators 0.00
pythonic way: Iterator chaining and resource management 0.00
how to make element check code simpler or one-liner in python? +0.37
'yield from' substitute in Python 2 +0.79
"a bytes-like object is required" but I am using bytes 0.00
Double iteration to a list python 3 +0.12
How to send dict in Header as value to key 'Authorization'... 0.00
python __name__ global variable gives different output than expected 0.00
pytorch, AttributeError: module 'torch' has no attribute &#... 0.00
subtract keys from dictionary if values match and return difference... 0.00
O(N) Time complexity for simple Python function 0.00
Return root to specific leaf from a nested dictionary tree 0.00
removing special characters from a list of items in python +0.11
Convert datetime list from string format to datetime object 0.00
What does the turtle.tilt() method do? 0.00
Sort and return dict by specific list value 0.00
Why am I getting this syntax error: keyword can't be an express... +0.25
How to check if relativedelta object is negative +0.30
Python Set Comprehension Nested in Dict Comprehension +0.40
When appending a python variable to a list I am getting object values +0.12 with very nested json 0.00
builtwith: import SyntaxError even after Python 3 support is added? 0.00
How to search list of words for a given list of letters using Python +0.69
While True vs While False 0.00
Why does a call to a mocked object from within a generator fail to... 0.00
How to capture grouping in an expression? 0.00
Values from nested dictionary -1.47
Variable unintendedly being set -0.40
How do I use continue in loop? +0.11
Replace elements of list between specified elements into another -1.62
Python Requests, how to specify port for outgoing traffic? 0.00