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Martijn Pieters

1840.29 (4th)
415,866 (13th)
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Title Δ
How to allow only elements of a specific class to be elements of an... 0.00
Return elements from list that satisfy condition of another list to... -1.55
Why can't a yield expression be a function argument? 0.00
Convert dict of nested lists to list of tuples +0.12
Why do keys() and items() methods return different Boolean values f... -0.22
Pythonic way of checking parameter is an integer and setting a defa... +0.10
Why do eval('break') and eval('continue') fail? 0.00
How can I get the base url with Flask / Jinja2? 0.00
String formatting into quoted lines +0.80
Using libraries that use patched and non-patched version of another... 0.00
Python exclude instance creation +0.76
Access instance variable in python 0.00
Using a dynamically calculated 'step' inside 'xrange' +0.78
What does @UndefinedVariable stand for in Python? +0.14
Why can't I use flask.g after a request comes? +0.12
python3 -O didn't create file.pyo 0.00
Calling function2(x) from a function1(x) passing the same argument... 0.00
Using ASCII Formfeed (FF) \f showing symbol instead of return inden... +0.12
How does str.startswith really work? -0.51
BOM character copied into JSON in Python 3 +0.12
Python assignment quirk w/ list index assign, dict index assign, an... 0.00
'required' is an invalid argument for positionals in python... +0.50
Why doesnt my cartesian product function work? 0.00
local variable 'content_type' referenced before assignment +0.15
I seem to lose some characters when converting a byte object into a... 0.00
How to run main() in one python file which is protected with if __n... 0.00
Python bytecode function call passing self +0.61
how to a way avoide error "TypeError: a bytes-like object is r... 0.00
Why does isinstance(nonnewstyle, object) return true in Python 2.X? +1.00
Using super() In class that inherits from object 0.00
Why is n.__name__ an attribute error when type(n).__name__ works? 0.00
Python calculating datetime - Is date today between a certain datet... 0.00
Str object not callable (using input as arg for a function in a cla... +0.50
Adding a dict from a list into another list +0.45
Python: `del my_list` vs `del[my_list]` +1.13
import file (NOT: import file as f) +0.12
What is the type of the super object returned by super()? +0.12
Is there a cleaner way to print this list of dictionaries? +0.34
subprocess "TypeError: a bytes-like object is required, not &#... +0.13
Handling different errors for different versions of python +0.16
How to save repeated computation in list comprehension in Python? 0.00
How to set the module name of a dynamically created class? 0.00
Can I write abc.ABC without resorting to metaclasses in Python 3.6? 0.00
Python named placeholders with nested dictionary (JSON) 0.00
Random filter in jinja2 reuse the same value everytime 0.00
Check if a function was callled +0.49
if else nested for loops using python list comprehension -3.38
Conditional won't execute properly +0.12
Same method with two different names? +0.13
Python: Requests won't POST if I have punctuation in my data +0.12