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1761.51 (21st)
327,725 (33rd)
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Title Δ
How to identify whether a device is Surface Hub in code? -0.29
Allowing user to override CSS with browser settings for accessibility +0.67
text-align: center on absolutely-positioned child behaves like left... 0.00
Do Angle Brackets Need to be HTML-Escaped in Nested Style Elements? 0.00
How to speed up or optimise [optimize] a hyperlink in HTML 0.00
why does unset width/height effect object-fit & is there a work... 0.00
What is the intent of this IE-conditional hack? 0.00
How to select elements having more than one attribute values? +0.18
CSS Specificity and Cascading +0.18
Flex box won't work with doctype HTML 4.0 Transitional 0.00
Why does JSON.parse(['1234']) return 1234? +0.52
Select variating position NTH child with CSS +1.11
Adding a class to a psuedo :before element +1.04
Combine HTML5 tags for quote with image and author 0.00
Buttons with zero width still affect parent's width in Safari 0.00
Target element of a :not function -2.68
How can I show my flex child first with order: 1 without setting or... 0.00
CSS to Correct Apostrophe for Digital Publishing 0.00
Braille media query? 0.00
Using special char in css class name works sometimes, except for on... 0.00
How to use CSS3 selectors to ignore IE8? -1.33
Alpha becomes black when coming from clipboard on Mozilla Firefox a... 0.00
Is there any way to select first p tag that have some text data usi... 0.00
z-index treated differently on iOS when setting -webkit-overflow-sc... 0.00
What is the difference between using display: flow-root and overflo... 0.00
How can I use text-align-last except when I have only one line of t... +0.17
Do vendor-prefixed CSS properties get updated when non-prefixed par... 0.00
Why does a child div's box shadow sometimes jump to the parent... 0.00
How do you use a background-image for a DIV along with a double lin... 0.00
Nested <p> tag auto-closing/opening -0.37
Why doesn't background-size: 100% 100% work anymore in Firefox? +0.72
Box model of Block element within another block element -0.98
Differentiate between :focus via tab-key and :focus via click in CSS +0.18
what is mean of "participate" in definition of normal flo... 0.00
CSS inherance of overriden element 0.00
Unexplained stacking of CSS float and position:relative +0.78
Why doesn't a fixed-width element take up the space beside a fl... 0.00
What's the browser compatibility table for CSS import with medi... +0.17
Is there way more efficient way to select div/attribute that doesn&... +0.69
What does empty selector mean? 0.00
Do the empty spaces and comments in HTML code affect page rendering? 0.00
Matching element using nth-child with class +0.69
CSS Background. Combining content-box with cover +0.22
Using CSS content property with text spanning multiple lines in sou... +0.19
The Canvas Background and the HTML <body> Element 0.00
In html text-transform property not working with initial in the tex... -0.08
CSS text-transform: capitalize skips first word with back-to-back &... 0.00
uppercase HTML tags within CSS selectors 0.00
Am I writing these contextual selectors, grouping, and anchor selec... 0.00
Using nth-of-type dynamically -0.65