An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1764.71 (21st)
327,725 (33rd)
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Title Δ
c# - is SHORT data type or it is still INT? +0.24
HTML delayed indent +0.29
Jquery display on link click question? 0.00
Is regex a good way to test a url +0.97
Which licenses are required for developing an iPhone application? 0.00
what is the purpose of inserting + into a URL instead of space -0.51
What is wrong with this "for dummies" PHP code? +0.38
what is the usage of the following function? +0.75
What is the difference if("test") and if(!!"test&quo... -1.71
Springboard-like scrolling/view switching with snapping on iOS +0.13
PHP make if shorter +1.67
'true' in Get variables -1.63
How do I design an algorithm to find the biggest number in a list o... +1.48
What does + mean in CSS? +0.36
What's the MainWindow.xib nib file for? 0.00
How to create flashing page title effect like facebook? -2.25
possible to replace window.location.hash? 0.00
How do I select text without an ID in CSS? +0.36
Change iphone time +1.32
memory release with alloc +1.58
regex to check the string contains only letter and numbers but not... +0.12
MySQL condition -2.64
From the string name of a class, can I get a static variable? -1.03
css selector by class prefix 0.00
Converting MySQL datetime to RSS pubDate using PHP? +0.60
Where can I find some "humanized" C# tutorials? -0.02
Date regular expression gives error -0.13
What is the difference between a regular string and a verbatim stri... -0.90
Should meta tags be Html Encoded +0.76
Why is the # selector of lesser specificity than anything? +0.14
Why doesn't ? work as an optional repetition specifier in this patt... -1.52
Need to insert - into a variable holding a date? +0.37
Memory / Obj-C proper object release. Which of these requires relea... +0.38
Ternary operatory for the stament +1.61
Using slugs in codeigniter 0.00
PHP MySQL Database Connection -0.55
What jQuery syntax would I use for finding the all of the first-gen... 0.00
Java initializing classes without repeating myself -0.20
Controlling PHP's output stream +0.38
Using 'or die()' to stop on errors in PHP +0.75
How to point at the right key to get some value from array? +0.85
Else clause on Python while statement -1.84
Is the HTML 5 Spec already complete? +0.14
How to let the string go to next line automatically 0.00
AJAX POST and PHP -1.75
Is PHP class variable definition necessary? +0.04
Deleting a row from a MySQL database +0.37
Is there a decent tool for comparing/diffing two Java packages? -0.74
WordPress the_date skipping at intervals inside a loop 0.00
In a bit of a while loop mess! -0.51