An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Dj Dac

1371.22 (3,937,898th)
1,257 (66,777th)
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Title Δ
Can't see the error 0.00
How to read the list of number in c 0.00
How to transfer the data of a command.txt file in an array in c? 0.00
A stand-alone application that collect data from an IP and monitor... 0.00
add quantity of value if that value exists in array fuction in C 0.00
Google Cloud: Do we need a compute engine to run a deployed python... 0.00
How can I share a navigation bar among my pages? appengine python J... +1.13
Json with C# and Mono -0.30
Is TDD really used a lot in creating programs? 0.00
How to write yacc grammar rules to identify function definitions vs... 0.00
parsing Json is giving error in Java -0.32
Why some kernel actions cannot be written in C -1.08
Jinja 2 For loop crashes Google App Engine 0.00
How to upload file in python webapp2? 0.00
Simple C program to read a file line by line -1.18
String length always 0 0.00
how to sort list of names satisfying below 0.00
how do i read in a character array and then output it in MIPS 0.00
What is wrong with my Singly Linked List implementation? -0.28
How to find output for this? 0.00
Why I am getting different output for finding heigth of Binary Sear... 0.00
I'm learning the C language so I hope they correct me to improve +0.68
What are the best ways to learn NuSMV? 0.00
MIPS int read byte by byte to hex +0.67
array[10] vs arrray[n] and segmentation error -0.32
Why isn't my coding reading the \n -0.33
Reduce uclinux image size 0.00
Why cant I get proper sentence output? +0.62
NuSMV not getting installed +0.18
Why is my C Code miscalculating -0.47
inner loop is not ending in c program +0.68
Java: Printing trailing spaces +0.51
replace every second line of my triangle with a blank line for loops -0.44
How do I get data from a text file into a jtable? 0.00
Perimeter Calculator Java -0.32
Segmentation error due to allocation issues? 0.00
Pymysql insert foreign key error 0.00
free function seems to not work 0.00
how to create a string from char array by adding char by char in java +0.05
Initialize a stack which can find the minimum number. Java 0.00
working with url encoding in requesthandler in webapp2 0.00
Write a function reversing the array elements of the first and last... 0.00
ImportError: cannot import name Flask in app engine -0.07
printf a selected numbers in an array -2.39
Elevator Control Using UPPAAL or NuSMV 0.00
How do I add two hexadecimal values? +0.16
creating a linked list with 100 nodes each containing a random numb... +0.20
MIPS: Lower to uppercase 0.00
"405 Method Not Allowed" in Python webapp2 -0.33
C Program to Calculate Hypotenuse +1.49