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Martin R

1786.00 (12th)
186,031 (103rd)
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Title Δ
How to match UIExtendedSRGBColorSpace to my color values 0.00
Swift method that takes either String or Substring as parameter 0.00
Recursive class initialisation in Swift +0.16
Swift generics extension to multiple classes -0.35
Swift Timer in Linux +0.16
Trying to unpack list of vertices into float 0.00
Swift - C API bridge - how to handle null pointers +0.58
Convert Binary BIT to an Index Number for Array - Swift +1.31
Swift's Decimal precision issue +0.80
I don't understand why it doesn't let me check 'contain... 0.00
UnsafePointer<Int8> not working 0.00
Why a struct declared by let can be changed? -1.60
How does cString(using: .utf8) and withUnsafeFileSystemRepresentati... 0.00
UInt8 Array Swift to const char* C -0.34
Should I dealloc a nonnull property; and if so, how? +1.01
Swift: why mutating function can not be static +0.79
Calendar: get date components, weird case +0.82
Is it possible to write a failable string composer in Swift? +0.71
Swift 4: 'subscript' is unavailable error 0.00
Base64 string to UIImage Issue 0.00
How to convert a fractional binary to decimal fraction in Swift 3? 0.00
swift: average consecutive positive number +0.18
SpriteKit: calculate angle of joystick and change sprite based on t... 0.00
swift maximum consecutive positive numbers +0.65
swift logging for iOS >= 8 with os_log and NSLog +0.57
Shuffle an Array of String using random() [Swift, Linux] 0.00
Slicing array based on date condition 0.00
Overlapping Accesses pointer 0.00
why swift compiler behaves differently with equality operator with/... +0.58
Swift Extension and 'Element' explicit initialization 0.00
Swift Sequence Iterator that hides some of the underlying values in... 0.00
Get round up double from decimal in Swift (Algorithm) 0.00
Convert IP-Address to Binary (UInt32) +0.65
Many to many relationship core data query for specific collection 0.00
Match optional in switch statement -3.28
Use statement For to write in a Tuple +0.65
Trouble converting to signed 16 bit array 0.00
Best way to initialize not optionnal var if optional is nil in Swift +0.16
Swift 4: Printing out Bool optionals as either unwrapped true or fa... +0.61
How we can use "context" while using expressionValue(with... 0.00
Why private is unaccessible to the extension? 0.00
No scientific notation and rounding with double 0.00
How may I test the equivalency of enumeration cases with associated... 0.00
How to break up expressions involve bitwise shift operators? Swift 0.00
Array.reduce cannot assign through subscript: 'x' is a '... +1.05
Swift 4 decode simple root level json value 0.00
Swift Key Path causes EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION in NSSortDescriptor 0.00
Define array capacity in number of bytes in Swift 0.00
How to prove "copy-on-write" on String type in Swift 0.00
Quick Sort isn't working correctly with swapping function witho... +1.08