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Martin R

1790.74 (11th)
186,031 (103rd)
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Title Δ
Cannot convert value of type 'A<T>' to expected argum... 0.00
Switch switch vs ternary operator 0.00
for case let using enumerated() method 0.00
Custom operation to split sorted array into subarrays in Swift 0.00
(NS)StreamDelegate - no error when writing to closed 0.00
Generic function with binary operations 0.00
For loop deducting each time Swift -1.21
Functional way to map a geometric series in Swift +0.48
swift extension func with generic type - isEmpty for FetchedResults 0.00
Why do Swift playgrounds begin with "//:"? +0.16
Save updated Set in UserDefaults every time .insert() or .remove(at... 0.00
Pluralization with number and name (swift stringsdict) +0.68
Initialize a String from a range of Characters in Swift +0.62
Swift: Get next highest number that ends in zero +0.57
Convert Int to a formatted string (Swift) +0.84
Find closest item in array of objects? 0.00
Swift struct external padding 0.00
Swift - Find number that is a multiple of all numbers 1...20 -0.85
Is there a practical difference between a type constraint on a gene... 0.00
DateFormatter returns unexpected date for Timezone 0.00
Unexpected behavior when casting an NSNumber to Float 0.00
Error while accessing members of UIColor extension 0.00
Calculate random X and Y based on center point with min and max off... -2.34
Swift 4 JSONEncoder can not encode String or Int, But they followed... 0.00
Suppress value-dump in Swift REPL 0.00
How can I create a variable like newValue (used in setter) in swift 3 +0.71
What is the purpose of Semaphore.wait(timeout: .now())? 0.00
Swift sign extension with variable number of bits 0.00
Explicitly unwrapping optional nil does not cause crash +0.16
First n elements of an array (which can be nil) 0.00
Compare / Equatable weak generics in Swift 0.00
Swift: Get an index of beginning and ending character of a word in... +0.70
How to convert my bytes data to Hex String and then Signed integer... 0.00
Why does count return different types for Collection vs. Array? +0.55
Cannot invoke initializer for type 'UnsafeMutablePointer<Int... 0.00
Adressing instance created inside closure in init 0.00
Swift equivalent of C gmtime? +1.42
Is there a function to escape all regex-relevant characters? 0.00
error: type may not reference itself as a requirement associatedtyp... 0.00
Swift: loop over array elements and access previous and next elements +0.81
Init a `sockaddr` struct with a given IP address in Swift 0.00
Convert Swift String to wchar_t 0.00
Can't remove optional("String"). states its non-optio... +0.16
C++ dylib in Swift project - undefined symbols for function exposed... 0.00
Any difference between ios difference between file:///var/mobile/Co... 0.00
Swift Enums, `OR` equalization -0.35
Swift - Measurement convert(to:) miles to feet gives wrong result -1.23
How to access variables from Readline in a Playground 0.00
Transform a Swift sequence in to adjacent pairs 0.00
Index distance to FileHandle pointer and characters encoding in Swi... 0.00