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Martin R

1790.57 (11th)
186,031 (103rd)
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Title Δ
Swift, Dictionary of String:String, best way to get an array of val... +0.95
How can you extract associated values from a specific instance of a... 0.00
Convert UnsafeMutablePointer<Int16> to UInt8 0.00
Use of Autoclosure 0.00
Why Strings are not equal in my case? 0.00
how to use HOST_VM_INFO_COUNT in swift file 0.00
Split CMTimeRange into multiple CMTimeRange chunks 0.00
Check if CMTime is in CMTimeRange 0.00
Objective-C to Swift conversion for C function 0.00
Test for nil values presence in Dictionary +0.73
How do declare methods that return a Sequence of custom Structs in... +0.67
Pointer and malloc in swfit 0.00
How to solve "Argument type 'CustomStruct' does not co... 0.00
Extending Array of tuples of equatables to find the first tuple mat... +1.16
Will a a weak wrapper class throw off a Hashable based collection w... 0.00
how to calculate date time difference properly in swift +0.16
Matching enum value in switch when enum implements a protocol +0.62
How to handle the %s format specifier +0.16
Cannot invoke 'decode' with an argument list of type '(... 0.00
FMDB usage with swift - returning a boolean 0.00
Swift flatMap: How to remove only tuples from an array where specif... -0.84
How to initialize UniChar with too many bytes in Swift? 0.00
Asynchronous Swift processing in Linux not working -0.59
Swift function can be called only once -0.85
Why can't we set consecutive rawValue to Option Sets? +0.74
Swift 4.1 deinitialize and deallocate(capacity:) deprecated 0.00
Swift 3: How to access the value of matrix_float3x3 in a 48-byte CF... 0.00
XCTestCase optional instance variable 0.00
Captured weak reference pointed to wrong object +0.48
Create non-optional in guard to test guarded condition +0.16
How to display a colored emoji 0.00
Get first number of type CGFloat +0.17
Why does NumberFormatter's string(from:) return an optional? -1.92
Assign integers from dictionary values to characters of a string 0.00
public func for Array Balancing Point in Swift 3 0.00
simd_mul vs * operator 0.00
How to determine longest common prefix and suffix for array of stri... -0.87
Converting NSEnum from Userinfo in NSNotification fails in Objectiv... 0.00
SWIFT 4 : NSSortDescriptor Get Key from core Data 0.00
Swift 4 convert bytes to Int and ntohl 0.00
Swift reverse guard error -1.54
Does holding a weak reference prevent a retain cycle from being con... 0.00
Declaring a return value of enum containing a case with a generic t... +0.16
Swift combining predicates LogicalType AND OR 0.00
Setting function-scope variable to avoid using a capture list 0.00
How to check if a number is a power of 2 in SWIFT +0.48
Mutating a struct in its subscript getter 0.00
How to get a substring in swift 4? +0.73
Swift equivalent of Ruby's "Pathname.relative_path_from&qu... 0.00
Swift switch matching multiple conditionals 0.00