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Martin R

1783.64 (13th)
186,031 (103rd)
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Title Δ
Inline KVO of a Property in another view controller 0.00
let and var Invalid redeclaration of const in Swift REPL 0.00
Why Swift throws error when using optional param in closure func? 0.00
Can if let be comma-separated in Swift 3.1? 0.00
Cannot assign value, Swift treat is as immutable +1.34
Extract Float from String in Swift -1.86
Best way to move an item to the start of a collection +1.33
Add / subtract characters as Int in Swift +0.15
Swift dictionary and Optional interaction 0.00
swift Cannot convert value of type 'in_addr_t' (aka 'UI... 0.00
How to log NSDate with new Unified Logging API? 0.00
Converting Swift Data into Int16 0.00
Swift 4 custom generic struct with optional array behaves strange? 0.00
Chose to check if UITableViewDelegate is equal to self 0.00
Given year & month, how to check a particular day exists in tha... +0.42
How to create lazy combinations +0.17
Error copying files with FileManager (CFURLCopyResourcePropertyForK... 0.00
Swift CORDIC Algorithm gives constant answer 0.00
Use type of self as function parameter in extension +0.32
How can I convert a currency string to a number ignoring separators? +0.45
Counting character frequencies in a Swift string +0.79
Swift 3 generic type function to clamp numeric values into 0 and 1... 0.00
How to use Dynamic Multiple NSPredicate from NSArray in Core data 0.00
Get generic Array of RawRepresentable from AnyIterator 0.00
High order functions assignation -1.21
How can I check if a string contains only latin characters? 0.00
Elegant way to view JSONEncode() output in swift +0.77
Codable/Decodable should decode Array with Strings 0.00
How to get unicode code point(s) representation of character/string... 0.00
Implicitly unwrapped optional from init!() in Swift 3.1 0.00
How to get a substring from a specific character to the end of the... +0.20
Segmentation fault using Swift Accelerate vDSP_ctoz 0.00
Where has simd matrix_linear_combination been gone in iOS11? 0.00
How to use Character subscript in Swift 3.1? 0.00
Getting all open files for process results in errno 12 = Out of Mem... +0.16
Force binary number display Signed Integer? 0.00
Swift setting object's properties to nil 0.00
How does one iterate over an Array of Ranges? +0.16
How to use UnsafeMutablePointer<OpaquePointer> in Swift? 0.00
How to split a string at the last occurence of a sequence +0.64
adding type Date and type Int in Swift? +1.04
Phone numbers detected using NSDataDetector could not be opened usi... -0.66
Swift thread safe counter variable? used for tracking when to remov... -3.26
Swift 4 : Cannot call value of non-function type '[Self.Element... 0.00
C const void * param from Swift: Data?.withUnsafeBytes and UnsafeRa... 0.00
The right way to extend OptionSet with a constrained RawValue 0.00
Connect to local socket 0.00
Remove all occurences except the last one +0.71
Base64 decode encrypted content in Swift 3 0.00
Type of expression is ambiguous without more context in Swift3 +0.16