An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Martin R

1773.84 (14th)
186,031 (103rd)
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Title Δ
Unused Optional Binding Violation: Prefer `!= nil` over `let _ =` (... -3.19
Is COLLATE supported with CoreData or NSPredicate same like sql Que... 0.00
Checking case sensitive file name HFS -1.32
How to convert Data of Int16 audio samples to array of float audio... +0.33
Swift objc_getAssociatedObject always nil 0.00
Value of type 'NSLinguisticTag' has no member 'range' 0.00
Generic Swift 4 enum with Void associated type +0.17
Why the UIApplicationMain function is named as the class naming style 0.00
unable to create Singleton object for my class 0.00
How do I refactor my code to call AppDelegate on the main thread? +0.17
cast CFTypeRef to Boolean in objective c++ -1.92
Does SceneKit rotate(by:around:duration:) works? 0.00
cannot invoke initializer for Unmanaged<AnyObject>? with no a... -0.35
swift 4 access C struct values in library 0.00
Loop one more time in For Enumerated +0.16
Convert NSDate to Date 0.00
How can I sort an array of strings based on the number of instances... -3.38
Swift 4 - efficient conversion of Double to big-endian +0.16
How do I "combine" an un-zoned date and a time zone? 0.00
Get String attribute in SCNText 0.00
Compare two arrays and find the index of uncommon elements in SWIFT 3 0.00
Cut a String from start position to end position with swift 3 +1.00
Type error while initializing fixed size array in Swift 0.00
Trapping signals in a Swift command line application 0.00
How to use AnyClass to init an specific class instance in swift3.x 0.00
Convenience initializer on NSString in swift +0.17
Nested do catch swift 3.0 +0.56
Swift Error: 'Sequence' requires the types 'T' and... 0.00
Can I use an operator as default function argument in Swift? 0.00
Convert Hexa to Decimal in Swift +0.14
How can two generic linked list in swift can be compared? 0.00
String returns only numbers after separatedBy 0.00
How to remove 'at' from formatted date string? +0.47
NSPredicate - convert arguments? 0.00
Swift generics and subclasses +0.47
How to Return subscript in Constant Time? 0.00
Swift casts Bool to NSNumber using 'as' operator -1.20
Comparing dictionary values swift -0.29
When creating thread safe reads in Swift, why is a variable create... 0.00
NS_REFINED_FOR_SWIFT and return value 0.00
What is the correct way to reinterpret an entity in Swift? 0.00
How to decode html formatted text in Swift 3 0.00
Expression pattern of type 'String' cannot match values of... +0.85
xy array in Swift performance +0.16
How to check conditions of two parameters in my case -0.81
How to find command history of Swift REPL 0.00
Sort a string to determine if it is a Anagram or Palindrome in Swif... 0.00
Generic Swift Dictionary Extension for nil filtering 0.00
Most Efficient Way to Find All the Factors of a Number? +0.63
Binary operator '<<' cannot be applied to two 'T&... +0.16