An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1741.29 (41st)
124,325 (221st)
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Title Δ
Why is BiConsumer allowed to be assigned with a function that only... 0.00
Java: Function with one varargs argument and function with same nam... +0.19
How Automatic Type Inference works if the constructor parameter is... +1.05
Getting an error of incomparable types: Object and int 0.00
Why multiply instead of sum -0.62
transform xml string by lambda java8 +0.80
java 8 Consumer won't override a value +0.18
Java - determine the position change of array -0.80
Largest alternating subsequence of 1s and 0s in a string 0.00
Recursive method to count figures in a number with boolean as return -0.55
multiple operations in list of complex objects with lambda -1.01
Accessing Property of an Object which is in HashMap Java Android -0.30
No instance(s) of type variable(s) U exist so that Optional<U>... 0.00
Remove multiple items from ArrayList during iterator +0.33
How primitive long and int comparison happens in Java +0.24
Convert List of List of Elements to Map < K, List<V>> +0.87
Moving from Java 7 to Java 8, issue with long iteration +0.75
Get the sum of double values in an ArrayList within the same String... -0.07
Java for loop with equality operator in the second condition +0.69
FCM group or token array? 0.00
How to check if all array values but one are the same? +0.57
Value not inserted inside an HashMap from put() -2.43
Collections.sort() leaves my list unsorted -2.07
TreeSet list of <Employe> order the list and show people from... +0.20
Java - Check if array is sorted descendant 0.00
Java BinarySearchTree and recursion in variables +0.43
sieve of eratosthenes java 0.00
Return statement in a recursive Java method not terminating method 0.00
Why does my method print an empty list? 0.00
Java 8 Streams difference between map and filter 0.00
How to create a int[] or a Collection<Integer> with the value... +0.52
What is the difference between "next" and "after&quo... 0.00
How to turn List<T> into List<Map<K,V>> using Lam... 0.00
Batch processing an ArrayList with LongStream using Java 8 0.00
Why is my implementation of math.random in my class only returning 0? +0.44
Create a new list with values from HashMap from existing list 0.00
Generic method not overriding similar generic method in superclass... +0.20
In Java, what purpose do special interfaces like IntFunction, LongF... +1.11
Add a value to all Sets (values in a map) in a Map<String, Set&l... 0.00
Copy constructor isn't working +0.21
How to define method with self-referencing Type return value 0.00
Generic static method inside usual class; uses array of basic type -1.19
Return only true predicates in Java stream +1.11
Convert IntStream to int 0.00
what is the use of count— in the programm? +0.20
casting in method java +0.20
Java StringBuilder append() return? -1.41
Java, what is happening internally when you do object = object? +0.55
map inside a map - Need data in specific format -3.06
Using Java 8 stream methods to get a max value -1.01