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1744.28 (41st)
124,325 (221st)
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Title Δ
can not initialize static final variable in try/catch +0.37
java 8 stream for sorting a list of objects based on particular field +0.55
Hashmap behaves differently upon remove() and put() while iterating... 0.00
How can I perform add to a Particular number in a linked list? 0.00
Errors about compareTo & TreeSet (Java) +0.19
This method must return a result of type int, java +0.89
String#intern the confuse about the result of the intern 0.00
How to Reverse order of values in Set<String> +0.39
What does it mean that functions can be used as inputs or be return... +0.45
Java: Why doesn't the following construction throw ConcurrentMo... 0.00
Constructor for Comparator Interface in Java +0.42
Pass field name/type as a parameter to a method in Java 0.00
Generic Interface and Class example -0.30
Java Stream API map argument +0.81
Multidimensional Object array behaviour 0.00
key Iterator for chaining hash table java 0.00
Outer Joining two List to generate a new List in Java 0.00
Java8 Lists. Call a void function +1.60
if-logic elimination from map call +0.59
Rolling two dice and returning count -0.30
My biggest mistake as a Programmer - For Loops +0.42
Why private variable only increase one time even its called more th... +0.93
Java txt loading code doesnt work and i dont know why 0.00
Map more than 1 property of custom List object in java 8 +0.20
How do I write below code in Java 8 using Stream API? -1.20
Use Java lambda instead of 'if else' -1.14
Dummy variable to handle return of a void method in Java? 0.00
LinkedList Error +0.22
toUpperCase(char) method? +0.79
Unwanted NoSuchElementException exception +0.20
Java - Do two HashSets change similarly overtime? +0.70
Why we can't assign lambda expression directly to reference var... +0.19
Appending a StringBuilder to another StringBuilder +1.49
Infinite loop using an iterator 0.00
How can i implement hashCode() when i override equals() from Object... 0.00
Java 8 sort float values +0.68
Prepared statement in if else +0.21
Why doesn't this work? (Pythagorean triplet) -1.43
Method reference for array Object[]::new +1.65
List of lists - Multi level 0.00
Are the following time complexity calculations correct? 0.00
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException and IndexOutOfBoundsException +0.21
Can this for loop be converted to an IntStream? +1.66
Adding an element in a sublist through a list iterator +0.57
grouping and summing items of list using java 8 streams +0.57
Group and get the latest month data from the map +0.98
Java 8 GroupBy one field and then mapping to multiple fields +0.57
how to auto generate the key in linkhashmap in java -0.54
Java HashMap How to get the set of keys that is not linked to the H... -3.10
Stream list, mapping and setting as a new list 0.00