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Fred -ii-

1750.00 (29th)
53,794 (839th)
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Title Δ
PHP Error when I validate if the username and email already existed... +0.19
.html form info failing to submit to email via .php 0.00
Multiple checks in a isset 0.00
Require php line of code not working 0.00
Mysqli undefine variable 0.00
Im trying to generate a unique hash for all the users -0.83
move_uploaded_file() only uploads small files 0.00
Can't get desired result in php mysql search box -0.06
difference between "upload_max_size" and "upload_max... +0.20
Why does mysqli_num_rows always return 0? +0.38
Php to MySQL Database Connection 0.00
check whether php mysql update was successful or not 0.00
localhost on xampp is constantly showing up as blank 0.00
Difference between $POST and $_POST in PHP +0.88
Query always outputs Probmlem 0.00
Mysql temp name file for image +0.20
PDO::PARAM_INT in PDOStatement::execute 0.00
Someone kindly help me here: SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter num... +0.40
Issue with Spanish string encoding -0.64
SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid Parameter number - PDO Select statement 0.00
fetch_array errors when querying data using mysqli_query 0.00
PDO queries with integer type +0.19
PDO Connection Password can't have $ # ! characters 0.00
Image Upload - Can't move to the desired folder 0.00
PHP Password Hash and Salt 0.00
Create Thumbnail according to aspect ratio of image while Upload Im... 0.00
How to insert into a table using AngularJS and php backend -2.32
show data only if currentmonth and currentyear are larger than +0.18
isset($_POST) not working but isset($_GET) working... why? -3.17
why isn't my search working? +0.20
PHP rand() vs. random_int() -0.06
multiple if statements used to update database entries +0.18
php mail() - add a variable in html link tag 0.00
PHP upload a file to selected subdirectory 0.00
MySQL CURRENT_TIMESTAMP does not returns current timestamp -0.57
PHP AJAX not receiving SESSION 0.00
upload image to folder using php and ajax issue with php 0.00
PHP Form-Value Echoing Misunderstanding 0.00
Changing language without being redirected to the home page 0.00
PHP won't post to next file from drop down list 0.00
How to assign html values from php? +0.18
PHP password_verify not working against database 0.00
PHP Image upload, set name as the image HTML Input name="" +0.17
Data couldn't retrieve out from the database -0.07
Simple PHP to process HTML Form 0.00
PHP Word Moderation +0.19
password_verify not returning true/false 0.00
I don't find any error.this code doing well.update my data perf... 0.00
PDO INSERT query 500 server error +0.19
Not email PHPSESSID -0.81