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Hans Passant

1724.58 (60th)
590,983 (4th)
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Title Δ
size of bitmap in drawImage 0.00
VirtualProtect Size 0.00
windows form size changed when upgraded to .net framework 4.6 from... 0.00
Are there different libraries of Windows system calls? 0.00
Use ENTER or RETURN as TAB in form and panels +0.22
How to correctly implement C# interface with event in managed C++ 0.00
What would be a use case for Thread.Sleep(Timeout.Infinite)? +1.83
What is the difference between /PDB and /Fd options 0.00
Is gcroot necessary inside a native C++ function? 0.00
How to determine C# compiler version in command line +0.93
Event handlers in book "Under the hood of .NET memory manageme... 0.00
C# GetAsyncKeyState not functioning 0.00
Why DateTimePicker won't trigger keyDown and KeyPress events wi... +0.22
COM object late binding using ComInterop in C# 0.00
Why is The WaitAll method not supported on threads that have STAThr... 0.00
Force Inherited ComboBox' DropDownStyle Property to DropDown 0.00
Late Binding & Type Issues In VB 0.00
Dialog Resizing Under VS2017 0.00
Registration Free COM Interop Initialization - parameterless constr... +0.22
How does WPF Spellchecking Work Internally? 0.00
Different P/Invoke entry point for .NET vs .NET Core 2 -2.84
How to set a custom cursor? -0.78
Thread-safe invocation of event handler. Avoid NullReference 0.00
Can the C# JITter optimize repeated delegate calls? 0.00
C# Picturebox stretch memory issues -3.00
c# winform textbox Validating unhandled exception +0.24
Return value in IDL 0.00
What are the advantages of a frame pointer? -2.80
UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices throws AccessViolationException 0.00
Cannot install Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects due... +0.21
How can I simulate JIT optimized code and view the change? 0.00
DllImport vs ComImport +1.06
Server Busy Message box while posting data to host asynchronously 0.00
Importing Excel Charts from Excel to PowerPoint causes `RPC_E_SERVE... 0.00
Application icon is blank when started from Process.Start +0.20
Why .NET Object has method Finalize()? -2.08
Why is .NET Core handling ReadKey differently on Raspbian? -0.95
PInvoke of _wtof_l in C# faster than natively invoking it from C++ 0.00
Adding unmanaged / non managed member to managed class 0.00
SerialPort data commnunication is not working as expected in Window... 0.00
How do I test performance impact of [STAThread] in WinForms? 0.00
How can I send a fax for a pdf from a Windows Service using FAXCOME... +0.51
Background Worker: Make sure that ProgressChanged method has finish... +0.20
How to change Project Character Set in JetBrains Clion +0.21
Visual Studio C# Project Template: $safeprojectname$ parameter 0.00
What does it mean to append "\<num>" to file paths... -3.20
C4996, fopen deprecated: Why? (NOT: How to suppress) 0.00
LINK : fatal error LNK1561: entry point must be defined in empty pr... -0.70
Using RegisterHotKey API with a NativeWindow class ? 0.00
What's the use of HScroll/VScroll in ScrollableControl? -0.22