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1316.26 (3,937,911th)
16,140 (4,450th)
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Title Δ
java - What's the difference between (obj != null) and !(obj ==... +0.03
2 Java classes with the same Content (functions, variables etc.) +0.49
How does overriding equals and hashCode impacts storing data in a M... -0.43
What is the difference between an expression and a statement in Java? -0.25
Structuring a JSON object -0.27
In functional programming, can a function call another function tha... -1.06
Node.js send Get-Request with Json-Body +0.73
create new instance from existing instance +0.09
Casting Object to a Pair +0.12
Why the class HashSet<T> has values already sorted when I use... -0.44
One plus plus two compiles unexpectedly +0.80
why isn't java RuntimeException called UncheckedException? -0.60
How can I replace two strings in a way that one does not end up rep... +0.72
How are variable names useful in a declaration in an interface? 0.00
what exactly happens when new operator is called for array and obje... -0.07
Java Force Variable to have specific values -0.29
should a return statement be the last instruction within a code blo... -0.29
Handling multiple exceptions in java -0.28
Why cant a constructor be called like a function? +0.12
How to debug into a map? +0.30
Java brackets bug in SWITCH statement? -0.54
How to write a method that returns List<classname>? -0.24
Time complexity of a method that checks a sublist in a linked list +0.50
why can not access child fields using parent reference -0.17
is the following method thread safe -0.71
why the elements in the array can change value, but the value of pr... -0.11
What are enums for in Java? +0.96
What is returning class when use "return this"? +0.06
Junit testing for exceptions in a constructor? +0.33
How to additionally iterate inside the loop for(String s : st) in j... +0.63
if Thread.sleep is static, how does individual thread knows it is p... -0.56
Switch Statement help in Java 0.00
Difference between String.valueOf() and new String() +0.13
Creating my own enhanced for loop -0.27
Why isn`t this method repeating forever? -0.53
Threadsafe vs Synchronized 0.00
How can I create methods to a specific constructor in java? +0.06
Why is "except: pass" a bad programming practice? -0.36
How to create a type safe generic array in java? -0.26
Big O Theory- triple nested loop +0.73
Is "new String()" immutable as well? -0.56
Predicament with arrays and expansion -0.45
What is the benefit of this design pattern? +0.01
Combine switch statement with a for loop +0.23
Should I comment when calling a method? -0.24
Java syntax error while trying to learn for loops -0.45
if i inside an if statement checks if a method returns true, will t... -0.25
Eclipse asks for a return statement though I have one -0.20
How to convert input char to uppercase automatically in java -0.34
Java: Combination of elements in array in couples +2.17