An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Jon Skeet

1886.76 (2nd)
824,659 (1st)
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Title Δ
Confusion as to initialization (or lack thereof) of object 0.00
Noda Timezone issue with IDateTimeZoneSource.MapTimeZoneId 0.00
C# Add 1 day in specific TimeZone to DateTimeOffset 0.00
Parse the string "26h44m3s" to TimeSpan in C# -3.65
What is the DateTimeStyles operator in .NET? -1.68
NodaTime timezone parse: Etc/GMT+3 offset in negative 0.00
Why bother using lambda expressions in logging APIs if the compiler... +0.42
Why is garbage collector allowed to collect seemingly referenced ob... +0.50
Last line in console not overwrite +0.36
Why is my display() method not printing out all ArrayList elements? 0.00
Check if a string consists only of letters and / or hyphens with ma... +0.09
PadRight in string of arrays doesn't add chars 0.00
C# json parse string inside 2nd curly brackets {X{Y}} +0.10
throw null in decompiled ArraySegment 0.00
Google Cloud Speech streaming in the Unity Game Engine 0.00
Disagreement about string is a primitive type +0.10
Error message "CS5001 Program does not contain a static 'M... 0.00
LINQ is converting string to special characters 0.00
Let current thread finish using the function before letting other t... +0.48
The type T must be a reference type in order to use it as parameter... -1.05
why folder structure is not created even though I had taken package... 0.00
Why is this class not considered a supertype as a parameter? -3.11
C# TimeZoneInfo to convert GMT timezone name to system timezone 0.00
Async/await performance +0.26
Java variable declaration not allowed +1.05
Update nuget package referenced by package 0.00
Java SimpleDateFormat does not parse correctly (I am using the corr... +0.23
read file using InputStreamReader? 0.00
Unicode.GetString in C# 0.00
Read spreadsheet without knowing its range 0.00
How are primitive data types made in C#? +0.39
In which version of C# Indexers were introduced? 0.00
Moving bits to left 0.00
c# Correct way to convert string value to decimal +0.62
Fetching descendant nodes always return null XML C# -0.74
How to convert utf8 byte array to a string of given length 0.00
Is there a better way to write lots of repeated instances of "... 0.00
Where is c# 7.2 in visual studio project settings? 0.00
Implementing the IComparable Interface 0.00
Current date time in specific timezone with and without DST offset... 0.00
Getting NodaTime.Serialization.JsonNet to work with a custom date f... +0.12
What happens if Var args method also exists with overloaded methods... +0.50
What is the cleanest way to see if a nullable type has a value, and... 0.00
Quick way to get different node values from a file in C#? +0.09
How to efficiently ensure a decimal value has at least N decimal pl... +0.48
SmtpClient not working on google cloud server +0.09
Double/long support for JTokenTypes? 0.00
How to read a Stream one by one? 0.00
DecimalFormat removes zero after dot +0.11
How is base.GetHashCode() implemented for a struct? +0.43