An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Jon Skeet

1887.34 (2nd)
824,659 (1st)
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Title Δ
Invalid variance with delegate in interface method 0.00
Calling an async method without await in a non-async method? +0.50
Parsing AM/PM time string to TimeSpan 0.00
Getting Wrong Date Using XMLGregorianCalender +0.68
Passing "this" to base constructor 0.00
SequenceEqual not calling Equals in parent type 0.00
Create library targeting .Net Framework 4.5 and .Net Standard 0.00
why does params byte[] argument doesnt work? 0.00
Dynamic Order By in Linq +0.24
Generic functions and ref returns in C# 7.0 -2.45
Adding Count of Arrays Together returns 0 +0.10
c# FileStream Read having problems with StreamReader EndOfStream -0.90
Generate random boxed co-ordinates in c# +0.10
prepare a set of arguments that can pass to a function in java 0.00
The current .NET SDK does not support targeting .NET Standard 2.0 e... 0.00
DateTime Manipulation in C# vs Java +0.47
Error passing both a dynamic object and an Action to a function 0.00
Initialize an object before an if statement 0.00
Array types with same element type & rank not equal 0.00
How to reference .NET framework from ASP.NET Core -0.90
Warning - does not implement the 'collection' pattern +0.09
Struct extension methods 0.00
Java PrintWriter File Overwrite -1.25
Using a generic (X) delegate in a generic (Y) method where Y extend... +0.44
java jsp if statement +0.38
Unchecked assignment: 'anonymous java.util.Iterator' to ... +0.09
How to transfer a file from Google Cloud Storage to Compute Engine... 0.00
Why compiler and run-time assuming the string return type as dynamic? 0.00
Overloading a class containing an explicit constructor with a call... 0.00
Why do I need to transform variable into final array inside @Overri... +0.10
Linq Group by won't work on multiple columns 0.00
Convert c# bytes array function to 0.00
Why should one use Objects.requireNonNull()? -1.10
Using named tuples in select statements +0.10
Suppress "Use of unassigned local variable" error? +0.49
LINQ deferred execution with a function's result as source (e.g... +0.23
What is the impact of C# closures on memory? -2.46
Dispose an object while a task is running async 0.00
Google Cloud Platform pub/sub Publisher, how to supply credentials... 0.00
Asserting for equality anonymous types 0.00
How to get input and return type of delegate stored in list<dyna... 0.00
How to work around rank N polymorphism in C#? 0.00
Primitive type casting in java (disconcerting examples) 0.00
Why AsEnumerable also execute filter on server 0.00
C# - ; expected in Throw New Excepction error using Assert 0.00
Creating a table within a dataset in BigQuery programmatically 0.00
Convert.ToDouble in c# not giving right answer when accessing redis... 0.00
Create delegate with reference to method in DLL 0.00
Changing System Date and Time Using DateTimePicker via C#? 0.00
Unexpected character " 0.00