An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Jon Skeet

1898.64 (2nd)
824,659 (1st)
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Title Δ
How to make a struct component a variable? +0.09
Creating a Guid -> conversion from VB to C# +0.09
Does Google.Protobuf support .NET Core? 0.00
Does Performing a Null Check on a Generic Cause Boxing? 0.00
Why can't C# infer the type of a DataTable Row +0.09
Cannot implicitly convert type void to List +0.71
Check IEnumerable using Contains() in a view +0.09
Nodatime Parsing Instant with InstantPattern fails 0.00
Why compilation depends on how exception is thrown within instance... 0.00
Hash String does not equal to Copied Hash String from console C# 0.00
Error parsing xml syntax error +0.10
declare variables in argument list +0.90
Overloading in local methods and lambda 0.00
Return key for a value found in Hashtable 0.00
Difference in ZoneDateTime precision between Windows and Unix 0.00
Cast generic Collection to List once, then RemoveAt multiple times +0.56
Constructor chaining and preparing arguments before calling this(ag... 0.00
Calling getTime changes Calendar value +0.40
.NET target framework compatibility and the compiler - on .NET 4.5... +0.46
Difference between two dates and working out if the person is over... +0.09
Change max limit of Integer.MAX_VALUE +0.15
Get elements from a list based on enum 0.00
Stream was not readable 0.00
Is there a way I can check every item in a list and produce a resul... +0.38
Compiler not resolving to expected extension method +0.74
Using a lot of IF statements within a FOR loop -0.65
Is there a more efficient way of reading BLOBs without writing them... +0.25
Why does this very simple C# method produce such illogical CIL code? +1.22
How can I force-cast a data to the generics specified in the method... 0.00
Is CS0165 C# compiler error guaranteed for unassigned local variabl... 0.00
Why does my switch work when it has single quotes? 0.00
How are anonymous types initialized with LINQ to Entities? 0.00
Cannot deserialze the current JSON array into type 0.00
Calculate years, months, days between two dates 0.00
Change 1.0, 2.0 like float values to 1 , 2 | remove trailing zeros... -1.45
C#: Exponential Format Specifier 0.00
Determine file age in days +0.56
Is floating point arithmetic stable? +1.00
How to Speed Up this Encryption Method C# Filestream +0.24
Can one reduce the number of type parameters? 0.00
How to reuse a SimpleDateFormat class object in java to get differe... +0.54
Adding two hex numbers 0.00
Convert datetime string in one timezone to another using offset +0.96
What is difference between of listofIntegers.add(ValueOf(50)); and... 0.00
Disable Support for Reading (Invalid JSON) Single Quote Strings 0.00
Is designed only for a single use? +0.54
How to convert Mac to string? +0.10
When would == be overridden in a different way to .equals? +0.92
Calculate the number of hours between two dates using NodaTime 0.00
Access object value from parameter attribute in C# +0.44