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Rating Stats for

Denys Séguret

1755.55 (27th)
186,629 (102nd)
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Title Δ
Is it true to say that all objects (besides some custom objects), h... -0.82
Simple JS Function not running and giving inappropriate error 0.00
NodeJS fs.stat inside a loop +0.73
Unable to remove element of array 0.00
JQuery drops first element 0.00
find underlying type of custom type in golang +0.95
How to create a logger for a javascript arrow function? 0.00
JavaScript Array not indexing properly? +0.42
Do I have to await all the way down the call chain? +0.59
query.on is not a function 0.00
Pseudo-elements styles priority 0.00
setInterval just won't work 0.00
Why does .prop("type") return "text" on a datet... 0.00
Can a CSS class provide introductory and/or closing text? +0.74
Replace in string in imacros gives error -3.17
Issue inserting values in a loop (for) in the database : same value... +0.69
Ignore JSON String/Header using Jquery 0.00
Uncaught TypeError: b(...).unload is not a function in jquery-3.2.1 0.00
Remove item from array using splice 0.00
Node - Using the function that is exported in the same file 0.00
Process 50k webpages on runtime (NodeJS) +0.46
How do I convert a Javascript Map to Object? +1.14
Getting the cursor position in an input field using javascript 0.00
Replace a part of a string in a .Each loop 0.00
RegEx not working. No matches -0.33
Merge two objects and ignore unique keys 0.00
Convert string of array, with array of array(s) -3.19
reg exp: "if" and single "=" 0.00
What is difference between abstime and reltime in PostgreSql 0.00
querySelectorAll and selecting specific children +0.97
How to group 2 jQuery animation's complete callbacks? +1.00
Find item in another array and remove matched item from array +0.23
Javascript array filter by year 0.00
Following a tutorial, cant figure out my javascript syntax mistake 0.00
Replace spaces between letters only +1.05
.toUpperCase() is not a function 0.00
When is the body of a Promise executed? +0.50
Javascript function inside Promise.prototype.then not executing 0.00
Return inside a loop: wrong in Java? +0.79
How can I convert a string of object literals to an array of object... 0.00
jquery selector selector for class not working(bootpeg) +1.06
Behavior of inequalities expressed in javascript +0.17
Node chain of promises and code readability 0.00
Javascript promise with MySQL 0.00
Is there a way to use .reduce() on an array of objects? 0.00
Printing " (double quote) in GoLang -1.58
Making the enemy die when hit with a bullet 0.00
Javascript regexp infinite loop related to uppercase letters 0.00
Impossible to replace content in tag <ul></ul> 0.00
why printing the try and catch object is possible altough any norma... +0.88