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Rating Stats for

Denys Séguret

1751.20 (31st)
186,629 (102nd)
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Title Δ
Groupby and count data in existing array to create new reformed array +1.04
How to call an asynchronous function and get its response inside an... -0.31
Match the biggest possible part of an expression +0.70
Push on array of prefilled arrays sets all elements 0.00
Directly returning an object in a promise 0.00
Regex replace wildcard substitution 0.00
How to achieve a function similar to the deconstruction assignment? +0.63
Record Method calls and Property access in Javascript 0.00
how to convert array of string to array of number +0.91
wait for complete response from async ajax tfrom api call 0.00
Count within two columns with a condition -0.81
Javascript multiline string issue +0.19
Using async requires async function, but my function is async +0.40
NodeJs SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier +0.19
Execute trigger function on scroll only once +0.18
passport.authenticate not working properly with nodejs 0.00
Javascript if statement with boolean -0.99
Add multiple instances of SVG node to DOM +0.19
Why does the regular expression r'[a|(an)|(the)]+' detect &... +0.18
Unable to find the mistake in setInterval 0.00
How do I write this recursive function to find the max depth of my... -0.53
regexp: get percentage number out of text and text itself +0.17
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undef... 0.00
Coalesce timestemp in select -3.02
How to get OR product of all values of a column of group 0.00
JS - QuerySelector null on element that does exist +0.23
using 'this' in forEach() or sort() +0.19
Unreachable Statements if condition Java -1.34
Is this the (previous) contents of a file in this git repo? 0.00
Random Number Generating +1.24
Replace all the ocurrence of a string (Keep the uppercase and lowec... -0.81
Is it safe to compare DOM nodes with "==="? +0.68
Two pseudo elements ::before with different properties -0.77
The constructor Integer(int) is deprecated 0.00
=> arrow mark in map function is not working in IE -0.53
What does js Array.prototype.copyWithin(target, start,end) do when... -0.99
By modifying arr[1][0] multiple cells are modified -1.41
javascript global property definition 0.00
OR clause inside JSON query in Postgres 0.00
Java regex not respecting the specified quantifier 0.00
Is it true to say that all objects (besides some custom objects), h... -0.82
Simple JS Function not running and giving inappropriate error 0.00
NodeJS fs.stat inside a loop +0.73
Unable to remove element of array 0.00
JQuery drops first element 0.00
find underlying type of custom type in golang +0.95
How to create a logger for a javascript arrow function? 0.00
JavaScript Array not indexing properly? +0.43
Do I have to await all the way down the call chain? +0.58
query.on is not a function 0.00