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1745.38 (36th)
53,621 (843rd)
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Title Δ
How Can I Prevent Template Generation for Objects That Don't Im... 0.00
Reinterpreting a union to a different union -1.07
How to Insert spaces in (cout << ... << args) using fol... 0.00
Why the constructor of std::mutex in C++ does not throw? +0.57
Double-check lock pattern - capture in lambda passed to call_once 0.00
Are collisions between expressions and namespaces expected when inv... +0.73
C++ std::initializer_list constructor +1.51
Bug in std::sort? +0.63
Why a template alias specialization depends on the context in which... +0.19
Is it undefined behavior to `reinterpret_cast` a `T*` to `T(*)[N]`? +1.63
Move a prvalue into function template uref argument or not? 0.00
Generally, is dereference pointer expression results a reference ty... +1.34
How to prevent a constructor from being called with a temporary -0.58
visual c++ why does std::move crash -3.24
Differences between c++14 std::experimental::filesystem::v1 and c++... 0.00
dependent name is not a type, templates with SFINAE 0.00
Is there any way to get at the container template type to reuse it... 0.00
MSVC std::pair implementation: is SFINAE applied correctly here? +0.60
How to check if a template parameter in a function matches a specia... +0.87
How come? aliases not detected in trait +0.88
Capture by move of variable used in the same statement 0.00
Can you violate the strict aliasing rule with std::aligned_union 0.00
Constexpr function pointer as template argument MSVC vs GCC +0.96
Template function type deduction, and return type +0.85
How to properly write R-Value overloads for operators -1.44
Why in this case decltype behavior is different from normal express... 0.00
polymorphic unique_ptr copy elision -2.21
Using std::launder to "validate" non "pointer to obj... 0.00
Why does cppreference define type_traits xxx_v shortcuts as inline... -0.80
Constraint on std::optional's forwarding reference constructor +1.10
Pointer interconvertibility vs having the same address +0.96
Overload resolution: is adjusting for const/ref not better than a u... 0.00
What kinds of templates may be used with is_detected? 0.00
Why is one class method absent from its object file when others are... 0.00
std::experimental::filesystem::recursive_directory_iterator skip fo... 0.00
polymorphic_allocator: how to change the memory resource of a conta... 0.00
More call to mersenne_twister than there suppose to be -0.79
string erase using reversed remove_if +0.35
Why GCC doesn't allow me to create `inline static std::stringst... 0.00
Does being trivially copyable imply being nothrow copyable? -2.18
Is there a (semantic) difference between the return value of placem... +1.39
Can the "main" function be declared with the "noexce... -3.06
Why is the declaration/definition order still important in C++? +1.47
Add copy constructor based on template parameters +1.40
Including std::vector in header file results in template instantiat... 0.00
How is P0522R0 breaking code? -2.90
How to stream std::variant<...,...> +0.51
Why isn't this unused variable optimised away? -2.68
Does std::initializer_list private constructor get very special tre... 0.00
Calling non-member operator overloads 0.00