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1749.08 (31st)
53,621 (843rd)
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Title Δ
Why is the declaration/definition order still important in C++? +1.46
Add copy constructor based on template parameters +1.39
Including std::vector in header file results in template instantiat... 0.00
How to stream std::variant<...,...> +0.51
Why isn't this unused variable optimised away? -2.67
Does std::initializer_list private constructor get very special tre... 0.00
Calling non-member operator overloads 0.00
substitutes for enable_if to enable a method for only one template... +0.88
Is there anything wrong with gcc when compiling a nonthrowing point... +0.37
Initializing an std::array of non-default-constructible elements? 0.00
Which Algorithms in the standard algorithm library allocate and is... -1.74
Value-initialization of class containing std::queue 0.00
Type dependent template name +0.19
zero length variadic expansion of ill-formed call 0.00
How can std::aligned_storage expose correctly aligned storage for a... 0.00
C++ Generic command parser using variadic templates +1.42
How do I use the generic error codes enum with system_category erro... 0.00
Expand two parameter packs -2.75
Does setting a 1-bit wide bitfield to 2 mean the bitfield is set or... 0.00
About ODR-violations and template variables 0.00
How to use boost::range::adaptors::transformed over std::unordered_... +1.36
C++ why the type of parameter of atomic_load is pointer instead of... 0.00
Iteratively filtering arguments matching a predicate at compile-time -3.24
sscanf(s, "%u", &v) matching signed integers +1.43
Moving in range-based loop in generic C++ code? +0.74
Is there a way to reset a std::variant from a known alternative? 0.00
function overloading with std::function and generic lambdas: std::s... -1.08
Lambda implicit capture fails with variable declared from structure... 0.00
C++ standard: do namespace-scoped constexpr variables have internal... 0.00
Difference between std::remove and boost::filesystem::remove? 0.00
Template deduction guide for std::vector: qualified/non-qualified n... 0.00
Is there any reason to use std::map::emplace() instead of try_empla... -0.58
c++11 decltype(e) is the type of the entity named by e -3.12
overloaded templates resolution +0.18
Why is the move-constructor of std::optional not deleted when T is... -3.41
Ambiguous overload with functor base classes 0.00
std::async is blocking the process exit if the thread is created fr... 0.00
C++ Custom STL allocator bug in MSVC? 0.00
How do I check if an std::variant can hold a certain type +0.57
Is the call operator of lambdas required to have linkage? 0.00
Why isn't std::array's operator==() marked constexpr? +1.20
Compiler deduction of rvalue-references for variables going out of... +0.79
C++: which constructors are called in vector<int> vn{MyAlloca... 0.00
Implicit conversion: is the following warning valid? 0.00
Passing literal as a const ref parameter +0.40
What Extension In Visual Studio 2017 Disambiguates "bool"... +0.91
Inconsistent parameter pack deduction int and int& in variadic... -2.44
Why can't redefine type names in class in C++? +1.02
C++11: what's the difference between atomic<T>::store and... +0.97
How is atomic exchange of std:shared_ptr in libstdc++ correct -3.10