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1757.74 (24th)
53,621 (843rd)
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Title Δ
std::async is blocking the process exit if the thread is created fr... 0.00
C++ Custom STL allocator bug in MSVC? 0.00
How do I check if an std::variant can hold a certain type +0.57
Is the call operator of lambdas required to have linkage? 0.00
Why isn't std::array's operator==() marked constexpr? +1.20
Compiler deduction of rvalue-references for variables going out of... +0.78
C++: which constructors are called in vector<int> vn{MyAlloca... 0.00
Implicit conversion: is the following warning valid? 0.00
Passing literal as a const ref parameter +0.40
What Extension In Visual Studio 2017 Disambiguates "bool"... +0.91
Inconsistent parameter pack deduction int and int& in variadic... -2.44
Why can't redefine type names in class in C++? +1.02
C++11: what's the difference between atomic<T>::store and... +0.97
How is atomic exchange of std:shared_ptr in libstdc++ correct -3.10
byte and ambiguous symbol due to using declarations? +1.12
"Empty base optimization" for lambda captures - forbidden... -0.22
constexpr linked list - invalid conversion from const X* to X* +0.18
Template argument type deduction from within the class definition +1.55
Is the order of evaluation for initialization lists in constructors... +0.21
using std::conditional to choose member type based on template para... +1.00
Requirements on std::forward_list::remove_if predicates +0.81
Adding const to function template pointer argument 0.00
shared_pointer unexpected behaviour 0.00
What's the STL way to fill a 2-dimensional std::array without i... 0.00
why std::move takes forward_reference instead of lvaue reference 0.00
compare nested iterators after boost transformed() +0.18
Append and replace the contents of one map to another map? +0.56
Template class accepting std::vector<T> or std::array<T> +0.88
C++ statement is ignored in function 0.00
Why does std::map emplace need a copy constructor on gcc? +0.19
structured bindings: when something looks like a reference and beha... +0.19
C++: is std::unordered_map guaranteed to be node-based? 0.00
SFINAE not working inside decltype() when attempting to disable a n... +0.95
Underlying type for std::uint8_t 0.00
Initializer list and structured bindings deduction ambiguity in C++17 +0.20
decltype(*this) equivalent outside function body -1.81
Combine two almost identical class templates -1.76
std::is_assignable and std::pair<const T, U> 0.00
Safety of std::unordered_map::merge() +0.19
Why does an std::any_cast of a passed std::any inside a dlopen'... 0.00
Why this SFINAE snippet is not working in g++, but working in MSVC? -0.38
Overload resolution for multiply inherited operator() +1.50
GCC and Clang disagree about C++17 constexpr lambda captures 0.00
Partial ordering of forwarding reference and normal reference with... 0.00
Special rules regarding SFINAE for incomplete types 0.00
C++ Pimpl idiom, class templates, and void template parameter 0.00
Is the move constructor called after invoking a conversion function? 0.00
What does the scope resolution operator return in case of Type::var? +0.89
Is noexcept deduction allowed in class template partial specializat... +1.01
Instantiating a template function in all M * N combinations +1.24