An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Tim Schmelter

1737.13 (48th)
236,172 (60th)
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Title Δ
Problems using linq in order to find differences in datatables +0.85
Dynamic parsing of milliseconds in DateTime.TryParseExact 0.00
Retrieve values that are outside the context +0.83
Jagged array T[][] to IEnumerable<T[]> 0.00
Get a list of all values in a column of a DataTable in the correct... 0.00
how to get a list of weekdays by giving a date as input in c# 0.00
Populating listbox on page load 0.00
sort list of Controls from a custom class type 0.00
Shrink Frequent Used Method in c# +0.83
Searching for List of Substrings for a String in C# -0.31
Trimming File name to get Variables -0.04
Transform txt data to List separated by empty lines +0.20
How do I return Last() as an IEnumerable from a DataTable 0.00
"Contains" not reading from my text file C# -0.90
Get Properties of object within list +0.19
ArgumentOutOfRangeException VB -0.05
Update first Datatable depends on second Datatable with multiple ke... 0.00
How to check if there is a record in a SQL database? 0.00 - get unique entries from datatable using LINQ and copy resu... 0.00
foreach loop through first item in array c# +0.77
Unable to validate a date string in ISO 8601 date format 0.00
Entity framework LINQ with value OR null 0.00
C# Linq multi-word search +0.21
Test whether a timer has started -0.31
C# Fill array values in just one line of code 0.00
c# .net Create a list from two object list - Performance differences +0.21
Short "if" statement without "else" +0.57
How to reduce the value of the integers from certain alphanumeric s... +1.45
Dispose MailMessage 0.00
How to use predicate in c# to avoid and or conditions -2.66
Get property of many list of objects -1.23
How to fix: Use of unassigned local IWebElement variable 0.00
.NET Can CustomValidator validate without display validation message 0.00
c# - StartsWith, EndsWith and between them 0.00
Searching any word using Linq +0.19
Using an object in a single class with multiple constructors 0.00
Reverse word of full sentence using for loop in c# -0.16
C#- Maintain State of Checkbox and textbox in gridview on page chan... 0.00
Simplify a method with LINQ to update a series of nested property v... 0.00
Parse string for doubles +0.77
C# When a class instance is created to execute a method within the... +0.18
Remove all elements from a Key value pair which are equal to elemen... -0.30
Get the list of item from dictionary values +0.84
Singleton for constructor with parameters -1.20
Clicked on Textbox it should select the radiobutton in c# 0.00
System.StackOverflowException intersection error 0.00
Uncheck an item and "Select All" option from CheckedListB... +0.53
How to obtain the current date by week of year and week of day +1.21
Get first three characters from DayOfWeek -2.27
How to sanitize html with HtmlAgilityPack? +0.20