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Rating Stats for

Tim Schmelter

1735.53 (48th)
236,172 (60th)
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Title Δ
Issue with out system.Array Conversion for solidworks plugin C# 0.00
Process.Equals() doesn't work +1.75
dictionary<int, guid> how to take value field that is Guid? +0.21
Should I use a set to prevent items being added more than once to t... 0.00 Increment variables possible? 0.00
C# Merge two Lists of the same values -0.91
Should I even check for a default value when calling IEnumerable<... +1.77
Shuffling the items in a ListBox -0.44
How can I set a string the 2 html class with same name but differen... 0.00
Wrong number of file count being returned from directory 0.00
C#: How to set default value if input is empty -1.09
Filter list using dynamic query? 0.00
What should be provided as parameter to check which enum name occured 0.00
LINQ operation creating cast exception 0.00
CSharp skip file through loop if it contains some string +0.21
String manipulation in VB (.NET) 0.00
Get all numbers starting with 104* including the next line associat... +1.48
Entity Framework if statement inside select +0.34
text not populating after hyphen in textbox from vb listview 0.00
How to get two table value using Linq +0.20
Can't access DropDownList control from GridView header row +0.66
Split collection into multiple collections +0.20
Retain parent instance if using SelectMany on nested collection +0.58
Selecting from Datatable , Grouped by multiple Column with condition +0.21
Group by List using inner list -1.04
Add each value from each iterations from a for loop c# +0.80
Is it possible to modify fields using a LINQ expression without usi... +1.93
Getting the sum of total balance in C# -3.14
Storing a Session Value from HyperLinkField upon clicking the link 0.00
TableAdapter Fill doesn't update database -3.13
Operator '!=' cannot be applied to operands of type 'bo... -1.09
Multiple Where Linq Query +0.19
EndDate Issue - Last Month of Year 0.00
Order object by enum in custom order -0.76
C# check if list contains a certain string (on object.Titel) but ig... 0.00
Replace "bad words" partly with asteriks, ignoring the ca... +0.95
Map a structure to native datatype 0.00
Get name of enum and string value from an enum object of any enum t... +0.61
How to set the value of a grand total property in a viewmodel 0.00
Find tag names and transfer them to an array -2.72
c# - Data won't save in my database 0.00
Namespace and class have the same name -0.97
Determine data type in linq query 0.00
How to get the first 2 character of a string -0.80
Word validation C# 0.00
Compare Rows in DataTable 0.00
Creating a string to access a button object 0.00
Is there a VBscript equivalent for .Net string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace()? +0.91
Getting values from dynamically generated controls 0.00
how to get service time using appointment date and retirement date? 0.00