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Rating Stats for

David Arenburg

1732.87 (52nd)
51,544 (878th)
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Title Δ
Unexpected error message while joining data.table with rbindlist()... 0.00
Conditional join in data.table? 0.00
add leading 0 at a specific position in a string (R) -1.25
Rank values column-wise +0.76
sapply() returns list instead of a vector 0.00
Merge data.table by two LOWEST nearest variables 0.00
Evenly distributed differences between their positions 0.00
How to get quick summary in data.table with a look-back window? +0.20
how to get quick summary of count in data.table +0.18
Count number of 1's from right to left, stopping at the first 0 +0.81
sum over past window-size dates per group 0.00
How can I reshape data from long to wide +0.23
Speed up fill function R +0.87
How to count strings separated by a semicolon -2.73
How to multiply rows in a tibble to another corresponding rows in a... +0.75
Optimize the for loop in R 0.00
How to calculate percentage over a dataframe +0.20
Find average of 4 last elements +0.38
Use time interval to calculate mean from another data frame +0.21
apply string of boolean on list -0.20
How to determine changes in a dataframe? +0.63
Selection by row if column name is a string +0.20
Data Frame: how to add a column to count previous occurrences in th... +0.21
Group column in blocks of 4 observations and return 1 based on a co... +0.74
Unique doesn't use keys as default anymore 0.00
"Reshape" long format data into sequences of two +0.61
Update DataFrame Based on Grouped Values from a different DataFrame +0.72
Dummify character column and find unique values +0.02
Breaking cumsum() function at some threshold in r +0.76
mapping values between data frames R -0.12
How to return the highest digit from a number in a column in R +0.78
Calculate difference between values with nearly identical timestamp 0.00
Filter only specific strings from a column in R +0.61
How to return NAs for missing combinations while using group by in... 0.00
Get the column names for given values in each row +0.91
Roll join gives NA's in data.table 0.00
Update data.table with mapply speed issue 0.00
Filter rows by last maximal value ordering by a time value -0.19
Define the value of a column in a dataframe based on 2 keys from a... +0.75
How to sumif across two tables? 0.00
How to append values of columns? -0.78
R How to merge 2 data frames based on ID and latest status Date? 0.00
Extend an irregular sequence and add zeros to missing values +0.89
R: Replacing and rearranging the order of characters 0.00
Split a string with varying length in a data table +0.95
How to apply specific function to range of columns(but applying it... 0.00
Counting new values not occuring earlier and not occuring in last g... +1.04
R: Aggregating History by ID and By Specified Data +0.92
Date closest but earlier than a given date based on another factor 0.00
how to avoid the loops in a specific multiple conditional statement... -0.03