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Rating Stats for

Tomas Petricek

1737.67 (45th)
144,426 (171st)
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Title Δ
How can I get the compiler to insert the correct type in this examp... 0.00
Construct generic function 0.00
Looking for something like `let` in `match` expression -2.69
Erroneous FS0064 warning? This construct causes code to be less gen... +0.43
NSURLSession Download Task - Xamarin iOS F# 0.00
Why doesn't this XPlot.Plotly code compile> 0.00
Issue with a generic dictionary of operations -0.29
How return from a function a generic value in F# 0.00
Is there an equivalent of C#'s nameof(..) in F#? 0.00
Expanding JSON to collums of a deedle dataframe 0.00
The result of this expression is implicitly ignored. Consider using... -2.50
Using Array.Sub with pipeline operator -1.32
F# implementation of DirectBitmap: saved blank 0.00
Writing a function that replaces a string using OpenText, ReadLine... 0.00
How to create a fsunit test for pattern matching in f#? 0.00
How to implement non-nested exception handling on each step in an F... +1.27
How to deal with missing properties in FSharp.Data JsonProvider? +0.21
Is there a generic function that identifies the cases of a nested d... -2.61
how to use css with Suave web 0.00
Copy recursive F# record types +0.20
How to delete item from dictionary and change key of others F# 0.00
F# Change element in list and return full new list 0.00
When are module level "constant" arrays being initialized... 0.00
F# write a string of text letter by letter without using loops 0.00
Using NUnit with generic discriminated unions +0.20
Can I get a list of the values that are not functions in all of the... 0.00
How to do await an Async method, similar to C# -0.82
Can I call an R function while using open FSharp.Collections.Parall... 0.00
F# Type provider looks for sample file in referencing project, not... 0.00
Simple calculator in F# using regular expressions 0.00
Cannot download with right format an excel file F# 0.00
Do type providers exist in other languages except F#? 0.00
importing library modules using a frequent imports approach 0.00
Value limitation and type inference 0.00
Improve my nested matches in F# +0.57
F# - Can I reference "this" or "self" in a type... +0.20
Is there a better way to find the first key of a missing value in a... 0.00
How to accumulate a list of FsCheck generators into a single value? 0.00
Type name as identifier in F# -1.24
How do I resolve a JSON response of special characters? 0.00
Catch exception for testing 0.00
Why can't I zip two lists of different lengths? 0.00
What does a double exclamation mark (!!) in Fsharp / FAKE? 0.00
best practise to convert c# logic to f# 0.00
Deconstructing Discriminated Unions +0.20
Why does R.predict.svm return a list of the wrong size? 0.00
Mailboxprocessor, latest message 0.00
F# Guid.Parse TypeInitializationException 0.00
Why does the Mono.Cecil HelloWorld example fail with an exception? 0.00
F# Query Expressions: cannot use "for"! 0.00