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Tomas Petricek

1745.61 (33rd)
144,426 (171st)
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Title Δ
Value limitation and type inference 0.00
Improve my nested matches in F# +0.57
F# - Can I reference "this" or "self" in a type... +0.20
Is there a better way to find the first key of a missing value in a... 0.00
How to accumulate a list of FsCheck generators into a single value? 0.00
Type name as identifier in F# -1.24
How do I resolve a JSON response of special characters? 0.00
Catch exception for testing 0.00
Why can't I zip two lists of different lengths? 0.00
What does a double exclamation mark (!!) in Fsharp / FAKE? 0.00
best practise to convert c# logic to f# 0.00
Deconstructing Discriminated Unions +0.20
Why does R.predict.svm return a list of the wrong size? 0.00
Mailboxprocessor, latest message 0.00
F# Guid.Parse TypeInitializationException 0.00
Why does the Mono.Cecil HelloWorld example fail with an exception? 0.00
F# Query Expressions: cannot use "for"! 0.00
F# - Retrofit Record to Html Query List 0.00
How to access static members of a type declared as generic paramete... -0.81
How to Build an Accumulating Either Builder +0.73
If private entities in F# compile to internal, why doesn't Inte... 0.00
What's the real type of seq<T>? 0.00
Passing mutable variables as arguments wastes memory? 0.00
That issue with (non-) generic modules in F#, again 0.00
F# function arguments type annotation not working -1.96
Insert data in MySQL db in all tables 0.00
Multiple constructors and properties -0.81
Dynamic functions in F# -0.53
F# how to Window a sequence based on predicate rather than fixed le... +0.38
How can I create a measured record type without a measure in F# +0.19
Return an exception with the Result type +0.23
JsonProvider<...>.Root does not have null as proper value 0.00
How to declare class with auto property of type list of strings in... +0.56
Why does Frame.ofRecords garbles its results when fed a sequence ge... +0.18
FSharp.Data missing method exception 0.00
Partially deferred computation builder +0.97
F# static member, instantiation of generic type missing--possible b... 0.00
How to make Fsharp show Charting? +0.19
How to create a cached recursive type? 0.00
Unable to use namespace from project after including reference? F# C# 0.00
F# array sum can't print +0.19
F# operator not resolving properly +0.97
F# Hiding stuff? +0.98
How do I cache hash codes for an AST? 0.00
F# integer comparison +0.21
Auto indent & unindent for F# 0.00
Splitting out blocks of code in F# pattern matching for readability +0.86
Parametrize F# queries based on properties 0.00
Debug error : 'let' cannot be the final code element in a b... +0.55
Can I get the type of a statically resolved type parameter? 0.00