An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1310.39 (3,937,912th)
4,879 (17,566th)
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Title Δ
Save Data from UDP into a file 0.00
I am not getting the desired output as required +1.06
How we create 3 parent and diffrent child using fork 0.00
Why is this function showing segmentation fault? -0.52
C-Error while compiling using Sublime Text 3 0.00
How to write makefile(nmake) for visual studio build tool cl.exe 0.00
Saving a character array from a function using pointers 0.00
Linux Thread Scheduling 0.00
C - Sudoku solver - Help Understanding a function 0.00
C - 3 problems with Segmentation fault when try to return string +3.03
Optimizing double iteration over arrays 0.00
Weird string appends on printf -0.26
Segmentation fault in my program -0.47
How to include three IRQ handlers in one kernel module? 0.00
Contiki timer without pausing the process -0.82
Segmentation fault when finding string length -0.50
Ada and Crayons - CodeChef +0.93
How to fix "type of formal parameter 1 is incomplete" in C +3.28
Eclipse C/C++ doesn't run programm 0.00
1 to 4 char possible strings generating in C +0.76
Is it possible to free a char * allocated with a calloc" +0.60
How can I output my string array by passing reference in a function? -0.51
C Program Hangs on Fgets after Popen doesn't work +0.27
I really wonder why result is 3 0.00
Why #line directives are not processed inside false #if in clang? -0.26
system() call or exec() functions not working when i send command w... -0.64
scanf from the buffer is not working properly -0.07
Reading Serial Port in LINUX 0.00
increase speed efficiency of the code -0.80
Invalid assignment on dynamic array C -0.66
GCC Linking with .o file 0.00
C nested for loops add empty line after each 10 iterations 0.00
Implementing threads with sockets in C 0.00
format ‘%d’ expects argument of type ‘int’, but argument 3 has type... -0.24
Segmentation fault error when returning the function -0.86
Is there a "nice" way to advance a pointer to a struct by... +0.57
reading string twice? What's the prob? C -0.27
C - Linker - undefined reference to `printf' 0.00
Function to count the sum of an array +0.39
Unable to extract full number from string in C program -0.22
C - Reading text file line by line to pointer array, getting BAD_AC... -0.49
Read and modify txt file (line by line) 0.00
Unable to send UDP to a multicast group from a linux computer -0.50
How to read Texts/Numbers from a File in C -0.29
C, Help while loop continues while not true +0.75
Runtime Error -SIGABRT 0.00
Segmentation Fault when printing a linked list recursively +0.35
Error while trying to run a program to find primes within a given r... +0.75
C code in code composer studio -0.24
Configurable custom code +0.94