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1346.66 (3,937,910th)
36,505 (1,508th)
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Title Δ
2's complement minimum bits of a given number +0.71
Consequences of uninitialised variables: int vs unsigned char -0.22
Function for unaligned memory access on ARM -1.13
Does copying data byte wise between types break strict aliasing? -0.77
Is there a rule to spot out UB? -1.06
Printing null pointers with %p is undefined behavior? -0.02
Null pointer detection in tcc -0.30
C++ strict aliasing: Isn't this MSFT example UB? 0.00
Flexible array members can lead to undefined behavior? -0.45
Does `printf("%.-1s\n", "foo")` invoke undefine... -0.80
Strict aliasing rule and strlen implementation of glibc +1.55
Why didn't GCC optimize this 'printf' to 'puts'? +1.28
RAII vs. Garbage Collector -0.46
Use typecast or use trailing data type identifier. (uint16_t)10 or... +2.56
Why is returning a non-initialized value considered undefined behav... +0.35
Can I "over-extend" an array by allocating more space to... -0.54
Is the `if` statement redundant before modulo and before assign ope... +0.09
Is it useless to use the `register` keyword with modern compilers,... -0.70
What was with the historical typedef soup for integers in C programs? -0.75
2 pointers, 0 bytes difference but not equal -0.72
Strict-Aliasing warnings and tcpdump example code -1.00
Is it guaranteed that outer checked/unchecked context influences th... +0.18
C: casting to structure with different size 0.00
Determine struct size, ignoring padding +2.46
typecast a char * to int * -0.81
volatile under the hood -1.04
Are some undefined behaviors more undefined than others? +0.19
Does this self-assignment do something sensible? -0.83
Strict aliasing and overlay inheritance -0.81
Undefined behaviour or not undefined behaviour +0.25
Generic write to a struct pointer +3.25
Is it legal to use memcpy with a destination structure with constan... 0.00
Can a C compiler implement signed right shift "unreasonably&qu... +1.29
Is the restrict keyword meaningless on parameters of unique pointer... -1.17
C - struct* cast at runtime? -0.11
Why does the volatile make an undefined behavior -0.48
Can I do what I want with allocated memory -0.74
What does this line mean in C99? -0.29
Is a C99 complex type binary compatible with a structure with two m... 0.00
Does C check if a pointer is out-of-bound without the pointer being... +0.12
Why doesn't GCC use partial registers? +0.17
Compatibility of C89/C90, C99 and C11 +0.94
Does char[] + memcpy() violate strict aliasing? 0.00
How does C99 handle being unable to create a variable length array... 0.00
How does in assembly does assigning negative number to an unsigned... +0.61
What is the potential benefit of allowing C++ and C streams to buff... 0.00
Can you always access suitably aligned buffer containing structure... -0.77
Is infinite loop still undefined behavior in C++ if it calls shared... 0.00
Is running a binary generated from a code with "constraint vio... +0.52
C# Dispose(), unsubscribe from events 0.00