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Wiktor Stribi┼╝ew

1703.96 (101st)
56,398 (788th)
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Title Δ
Regular expression capture group returning wrong result for slightl... -0.79
Validating Access project number field via VBA and regex 0.00
Looking for regex to match before and after a number -1.20
Powershell Regex Match Beginning and End String Doesn't Match? 0.00
Removing blank lines between only certain other matching lines +0.31
Regex to match any letter, space or specific number +0.22
Regex as Lua pattern 0.00
little regexp javascript 0.00
Regex match pattern end with ':' but not include it 0.00
finding multiple words in every sentence with regex 0.00
Replacing within brackets and word after brackets with regex in pyt... 0.00
Regex for confirming acceptable input +1.19
How to combine regex in JavaScript -1.44
Java reg expression capture string +0.81
Strip Queries from URLS in Google Data Studio with REGEXP_REPLACE 0.00
Java string tokenization: Split on pattern and retain pattern 0.00
Regex - Multiple matches, colon and empty spaces +0.22
wrap dynamic insensitive string in span tag -0.25
why do these characters belong to the first group in this JS regex... 0.00
To fetch hash tags from a string in mysql 0.00
Why java regex replaceAll() returns only last match 0.00
Java Regex Identifying Non-Consecutive Pairs of Characters/Numbers +0.22
Regex to remove last char of capture group 0.00
Using Multiple Patterns in Form Field 0.00
Regex finding string with parenthesis in another string with parent... 0.00
'1A' is not accepted in [:alnum:] POSIX Character Class und... 0.00
Xregexp javascript optional named group seperated by white spaces 0.00
sed remove first two octets from ip 0.00
Extract only 5-digit-number in a string +0.92
PHP Regex reduce a repeated character to a single instance +0.24
Strange behaviour of regex in R 0.00
PHP Regex match if last three characters contain two letters +0.69
How do I use this regular expression to check a value? 0.00
Trouble locating regex mistake 0.00
Find all functions with second argument with Regex +0.95
PostgreSQL find where string contains exact string 0.00
How do I match a regex provided that the word after my reg is not e... 0.00
RegularExpressionValidator in not working for 1 or 2 digit... +0.24
JavaScript regex pattern for any visible unicode letter characters 0.00
Lua string.match wrong pattern? 0.00
A protein-coded gene Regular Expression 0.00
Java regex escaped characters +0.24
how to do multi-language regex for a SPA routing in laravel? 0.00
Groovy get the filename with a specific ending only knowing the path -1.01
Regex multiple conditions +0.22
Python regex "OR" gives empty string when using findall 0.00
Extract all hashtags from string without # -0.76
How to add a word at the beginning of each line BUT not when a # is... -1.69
Running regex in R using str_extract_all has regexp not yet impleme... 0.00
Replace outer wrapping brackets with a prefix 0.00