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1728.86 (58th)
28,468 (2,176th)
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Title Δ
Lambda capture 'this' saved as std::function 0.00
Why anonymous object passed as pointer is denied for some compilers? -2.02
Can you violate ODR with structured bindings on a class type 0.00
Direct initialization with empty initializer list +2.01
C++ 11 can you safely pass and access std::atomics by reference in... 0.00
make assignment operator work on declaration 0.00
Partial template specification of template member function to disab... -2.12
Equivalent of R's <<- in C++: extern for local variables 0.00
specify nested template parameters for function call -2.63
Which base class's virtual destructor is overriden in a derived... -2.01
Throwing an exception which causes a destructor to be called crashe... 0.00
static_cast through inheritance chain that includes a template will... 0.00
Guarantee of deferred dynamic initialization of non odr-used global... -2.67
How to evaluate Primitive vs Class templates at compilation time? +0.88
std::call_once safe for non atomic variables? -0.79
std::weak_ptr::operator= confusion 0.00
Ambiguous operator overload in Clang -0.37
How to get template type of base class 0.00
Round-trip safety of storing integer in void pointer +1.28
Using std::forward with a non-forwarding, plain old reference +0.30
Does variadic template function call lambda parameter in reverse or... 0.00
Possibility of store object type for std::any -0.64
"With respect to an indeterminately-sequenced function call&qu... 0.00
Why doesn't this templated function to zero-initialize an array... 0.00
How is this C++ Reference Initialization Legal? +0.86
What is the <=> operator in C++? -1.32
Difference between a vector vs a boost::optional<vector> as f... 0.00
Type qualifier appear in multiple item declaration (exhibiting stra... +1.23
How can I call a lambda function from another lambda function 0.00
How to set a function pointer from another function pointer +0.79
Why does extending the lifespan of a temporary object not result in... 0.00
C++ template using multidimentional arrays 0.00
Add copy constructor based on template parameters -0.55
Extract type from subexpression in template 0.00
Can a template function deduce a lambda's arguments? 0.00
How to understand "dynamic type: 〈prvalue〉 static type of the... +1.24
how to write a fold /sum function for C++ tuple? +0.08
How to get gcc on Cygwin to define _WIN32? 0.00
Why does this type erasure implementation (simplified boost:any) gi... 0.00
What is the difference between C c(3); and C c{3}; when instantiati... +1.88
Require operator double() to be explicitly called via static_cast&l... +1.93
Converting between rvalue and lvalue +0.21
C++ templated function overload in cpp 0.00
How to use the current class template as template parameter for ano... -0.30
Is there anything wrong with gcc when compiling a nonthrowing point... +0.49
Is using try-catch necessary for delete[] or delete operation in C++? 0.00
Is it possible to iterate through enum members in a constexpr funct... 0.00
Reference member initialized from a by-value constructor parameter 0.00
Using short and long instead of int and double (C++) 0.00
Catching SIGCHLD with sigaction 0.00