An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1737.81 (42nd)
103,188 (301st)
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Title Δ
Index of matching bracket character within a lambda function? 0.00
How to add/sum values from separate lists +0.20
Pandas: convert first value in group to np.nan +1.10
Pandas Keep Every Other Group of Rows +1.07
Python Pandas: Change value associated with each first day entry in... 0.00
Pandas read issue, 0xff in position 0 0.00
Transform matrix -0.29
Transposing dataframe column, creating different rows per day +1.11
One line solution for editing a numpy array of counts? (python) +0.52
create new column using a shift within a groupby values 0.00
Cumulative sum on time series split by consecutive negative or posi... +0.97
groupby and return all rows of first n groups -0.01
Julia : Multidimensional Array indexing by a predicate 0.00
python math.log inaccurate output at larger int? 0.00
Pandas missing values : fill with the closest non NaN value 0.00
Only add value if value is greater zero in Python of multidimension... -2.32
Changing values of pandas column based on list of indices +0.98
Pandas overwrite values in column selectively based on condition fr... 0.00
Type() function not consistent +0.21
Divide each pair of column with each other 0.00
Find first and last non-zero column by label in pandas -2.00
python how to get name of the enum +0.44
Why doesn't `in` search the values when the Series contains str... 0.00
Anaconda new environment gives me python SyntaxError 'yield'... 0.00
Pandas Operations on Columns based on other entries -0.69
How to assign a group name to each row of a DataFrame? +1.92
Combine 2 pandas dataframes according to boolean Vector -2.75
Function now prints every letter instead of every word 0.00
Create a new column from a dataframe object applying a formula in P... +0.20
Does Python Pandas merge (and join) fail to rename columns by sufff... +0.55
syntax confusion: function call versus array indexing 0.00
Find first true value in a row of Pandas dataframe +0.47
MultiIndex/Reshaping differences between Pandas versions 0.00
Speeding up a Pandas apply on a batch of Groups 0.00
looking for an efficient way to iterate -0.32
Error accessing pandas row element named class -1.14
calculating cumulative geometric mean +1.48
How to properly sample from a numpy.random.multivariate_normal (pos... 0.00
3D Numpy array to 3D Numpy array +0.22
Create a dictionary using key sets +0.19
Pandas: change values to NA if index and column are the same 0.00
Pick random value from multiple lists with equal probability +0.37
Rearrange dataframe structure -2.19
Python 2to3 warning <You should use 'operator.mul(None)'... 0.00
How to add stdin interaction with pytest +0.20
Keep column and row order when storing pandas dataframe in json 0.00
Creating extra rows based on string formatting in a DataFrame +0.75
How does one check if a variable is a sympy expression? 0.00
Numpy: Subtract 2 numpy arrays row wise +0.19
Pandas DataFrame: How to convert binary columns into one categorica... 0.00