An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1775.17 (16th)
491 (144,455th)
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Title Δ
Role derivative of sigmoid function in neural networks +0.66
Replace strings using List Comprehensions +0.41
How to replace values with substrings in pandas objects? +1.05
Python subprocess permission 0.00
How do I calculate the mean of each species of the Iris Data Set in... 0.00
Querying a database to pull up certain rows based on a variable 0.00
How does the count() method work? 0.00
Count string with the first character match +0.17
Pandas DataFrame Sort every Column 0.00
Python: Replace Item 0.00
Efficiently accessing arbitrarily deep dictionaries +0.85
Sort list of dates by year & quarter -1.02
Pandas: multiplying a column by another if it is the same year +0.05
How to get a set from a Pandas series formed by lists of terms +0.96
Transform rows to columns by the values of two rows in pandas +0.21
Convert a Tuple of dictionary to nested dictionary +0.16
python pandas: merging 2 dataframes +0.17
pandas pivot dataframe with multiple columns for the index +1.18
Need help turning pandas dataframe into multiindex by grouping just... 0.00
Pandas ffill limit groups of nan less than limit only -0.14
Pandas concat changes datatype 0.00
Python Pandas: fillna / bfill using function 0.00
pandas apply lambda on column values and select those whose set siz... -1.52
Removing consecutive asc/desc sequences from dataframe +1.18
Pandas GroupBy on column names +1.18
Add quantiles to dataframe as multiple columns +1.19
Pandas Dataframe Remapping Male/Female to 1/0 +0.17
nested dictionary of bin sizes from groupby multiple columns +1.14
In a dataframe group rows containing a list over one column 0.00
Generating a random array with additional constraints 0.00
map lambda creating dictionary +0.19
Take multiple columns and put them to the same index with pandas -0.60
Switch boolean output to string in pandas python -0.96
How to split emoji from each other python? -1.56
Select the inverse index in pd.Dataframe +0.03
Pythonic Way of replacing Multiple Characters +0.18
Rolling sum of the next N elements, including the current element 0.00
Python - Split string column, groupby and count characters +1.18
Python: Same name for class method parameters and class attribute +0.17
drop records that have 3 or more columns with 0 -1.76
Pandas DataFrame to JSON format file 0.00
Usage of the and operator in this return statement 0.00
Updating a column in a Pandas DataFrame based on a condition of ano... +1.24
Update values in pairwise pandas df -0.76
Pandas to_datetime function giving erratic output +0.17
Are Python-Set-Comprehension with set operations possible? +0.82
Append list elements over long format in Python Pandas +1.15
Invoke Python as Executable 0.00
pandas how to find column values only contain space(s) -2.00
removing list with all values 0 from multidimensional list in python +0.16