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1731.50 (50th)
168,224 (135th)
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Title Δ
How does volatile work with const? +0.99
Can I just call such a subroutine which returns a value as if it re... +1.03
Big O and Big Theta Equality 0.00
Shouldn't this be using a backtracking algorithm? +0.89
Why is this line necessary in this code to delete from a BST? -0.96
why does my calculator program start flashing and scrolling when i... +0.04
What is wrong with my jump logic? -0.29
Normalized vector cross product non-zero vector (unnormalized vector) 0.00
Dynamic memory allocation in C++? -1.80
Why does Perlin noise use a hash function rather than computing ran... 0.00
Is it possible to get the height of a binary tree without using rec... 0.00
String matching with an implicit representation of a suffix tree 0.00
Freeing TRIE structure in C recursively -2.03
C: Merge Sort for linked list, merged subarray not captured correct... 0.00
Finding the minimum value in a queue, and deleting it from the queue 0.00
Why does this loop take O(2^n) time complexity? -0.72
Why do we represent trees as cells linked by pointers and not store... -0.33
Kadane's algorithm for printing the elements of the maximum sub... 0.00
Asymptotic complexity of this summation? +0.21
What is the big theta efficiency of ascii lookup in the angular com... 0.00
Check if only one string variable is not nullptr in C++ -3.00
Average of each level in a Binary Tree +0.17
Hanoi Tower Algorithm using recursion, while show the step count -3.06
In C++, why do pointers to members of a class contains offsets rath... +0.95
What is the bounding function (Big-O) of the number of times the in... -0.45
Why are AVL trees good at lookups but not as good at insertions or... 0.00
Finding cycles: DFS versus union-find? -0.26
Can I use a trie that has a whole word on each node? +0.19
Is there a pathing algorithm that instead of finding a path from po... +0.20
C++ Pass a reference to an array to function +0.65
How to use "++" operation to increase pointer of a char a... +0.45
Heap sort, min-heap to be used or max? 0.00
Removing spaces in a string -1.33
C++ sizeof C-style string / char array - optimization +0.19
Why can't my function access and modify the variable passed to... +0.92
How to hash variable-length strings 0.00
Declaring variables of a type nested inside a template argument? 0.00
How do these overloaded operators apply to the expression d***b? 0.00
K&R - Exercise 1-9 - Removing Spaces -2.07
Leetcode - Longest Common Prefix - Why is my runtime so slow compar... 0.00
How to get path from one node to all other nodes in a weighted tree... +0.79
Why does the negation of the minimum possible integer yield itself? +0.54
Template for resizing arrays +0.18
How to store the sum of two integers into a long variable in C? +0.86
Trouble Printing Larger Character Strings C++ 0.00
A* search (non goal with 0 heuristic) +1.02
Why doesn't the additive constant in Big-O notation matter? +0.02
c++ output const char * with delimiters 0.00
Are all problems in NP which are not P NP-complete? -0.28
Program Runs Even Though I Return -1? -0.09