An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1735.36 (48th)
168,224 (135th)
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Title Δ
Can I use a trie that has a whole word on each node? +0.20
Is there a pathing algorithm that instead of finding a path from po... +0.21
C++ Pass a reference to an array to function +0.67
How to use "++" operation to increase pointer of a char a... -1.71
Heap sort, min-heap to be used or max? 0.00
Removing spaces in a string -1.32
C++ sizeof C-style string / char array - optimization +0.18
Why can't my function access and modify the variable passed to... +0.93
How to hash variable-length strings 0.00
Declaring variables of a type nested inside a template argument? 0.00
arithmetic operator overloading multiple signs 0.00
K&R - Exercise 1-9 - Removing Spaces -2.06
Leetcode - Longest Common Prefix - Why is my runtime so slow compar... 0.00
How to get path from one node to all other nodes in a weighted tree... +0.79
Why does the negation of the minimum possible integer yield itself? +0.55
Template for resizing arrays +0.19
How to store the sum of two integers into a long variable in C? +0.87
Trouble Printing Larger Character Strings C++ 0.00
A* search (non goal with 0 heuristic) -0.97
Why doesn't the additive constant in Big-O notation matter? +0.03
c++ output const char * with delimiters 0.00
Are all problems in NP which are not P NP-complete? -0.28
Program Runs Even Though I Return -1? -0.09
Implement a PriorityQueue using a BinarySearchTree : C++ 0.00
Is there a faster algorithm for constructing the adjacency list of... 0.00
Time complexity of loop with multiple inner loops +1.27
Are time complexity of pre-order and DFS on a balanced binary tree... 0.00
Bug in calculator 0.00
What would be the execution time for the following algorithm? 0.00
Minimising the number of bus changes in a matrix -0.44
Time Complexity of printing BST using inorder successor method 0.00
Twin array Find a Minimum value from each Array index must be diffe... +0.23
Java - Big O of bit manipulation? +0.42
Master Theorem & Recurrences -2.29
Is the the set difference of 2 context free languages context free? 0.00
Redis time complexity of O(log(N)+M) +0.19
Dijkstras Algorithm Sets 0.00
shrink_to_fit() vs swap trick +0.16
What is the time complexity of this doubly-nested loop? 0.00
Checking if a graph is at-least-one-way-connected 0.00
How to count the number of 1 bits set in 0, 1, 2, ..., n in O(n) ti... +0.84
C/C++ Functions - How are prototypes allowed? +0.23
Graph Algorithm for Dismantling 0.00
What does (int_1 += *pointer++ = int_2++) < int_3 mean? +0.84
Why do I need to put an L before the string and do I create this va... +0.55
Overloading of virtual functions 0.00
HashMap/HashTable - Add collision to end of bucket or beginning or... 0.00
Sort algorithm and distance between number 0.00
Why iterating list gives me stackoverflow error? +0.20
What is the runtime of this recursive code for computing exponents? +0.21