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Rory McCrossan

1734.22 (50th)
111,165 (264th)
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Title Δ
Toggle class on click body +0.48
JQuery How to create element in created element -1.01
keyevent in jQuery not working +0.20
I want to change the time automatically when i select the drop down... -0.51
Check if dynamically created checkbox is checked or not? +0.19
Pulse icon or element color for one minute with javascript/angularjs 0.00
Check if mousedown() event happened on certain element 0.00
How to get the value of 2nd td in html table on click of first td u... 0.00
Difference between delegating events to different elements in the DOM 0.00
Manipulate var in jquery by doing find and text 0.00
Remove part of string but getting the deleted part as result +0.31
Replace class in order to replace image on click with jquery +0.37
Get to length of children elements for an element by tag name 0.00
DOM change - no effect. Effect visible only if changed with timeout 0.00
Code works in Codepen, but not on my site 0.00
Copy value from one text field to another when button clicked -0.44
More efficient function for matching elements and changing classes 0.00
Jquery ajax call unable to detect 404 from the API +0.19
How to toggle a class of an input if it's not empty with jQuery? +0.53
Adding messages to or below input -0.39
How to set browser confirm box focus on cancel? -0.42
Calling JS function automatically when text field is loaded 0.00
jQuery validation AJAX form 0.00
Cannot check all table rows on second time -0.33
How to append closing option tag for the first option in the dropdown -0.31
Can I sort my divs according to classes using javascript 0.00
Pass data to PHP file using Ajax +0.66
Why does an event fire on a parent element before it's child wh... 0.00
comparing values with div data jquery -0.13
Can I write several IDs in one document, 0.00
Filter elements in DOM based on data-attr with jQuery 0.00
add jquery event listener to series of unique elements +0.78
How to get data attribute of select menu +0.56
How can I generate a dynamic onclick which pass multiple values to... 0.00
Deleting the first list item if it contains a specified number of i... -0.29
Making this jquery bulk checkbox ticker more generic 0.00
Can I use nested jquery.proxy 0.00
Explain why this HTML will only work in Firefox and not any other b... 0.00
Pass an argument in jQuery function using div class 0.00
jQuery which is the correct function definitions? +0.20
Embed 'this' within 'has' selector 0.00
Using JavaScript to load external HTML +0.20
Can't Upload Image via AJAX with Additional Parameters Because... 0.00
Adding HTML li text to a new li list using JavaScript +0.50
Does JQuery's Ajax refer to maxJsonLength property in web.config 0.00
Ajax jQuery Not passing Variable to Data Undefined Error 0.00
Show div depending on a search 0.00
No animation if on same div 0.00
alert box without ok button in jQuery +0.21
jQuery call model by clicking on label 0.00