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Rory McCrossan

1726.35 (61st)
111,165 (264th)
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Title Δ
getElementByClassName onclick issue 0.00
find a class under $(this) and then replace its value +0.21
How do you append a button/image to a page using a content script i... 0.00
How to enable specific input with button click +0.32
JavaScript AJAX request loop +0.22
Add dropdown toggle to ul.submenu 0.00
AppendTo but each new append is unique but still uses the same jquery 0.00
Javascript function returning undefined even though console.log sho... +0.94
Open a new Tab And write something -0.27
onclick clone() a draggable at x&y=0 of the containment to avoi... +0.83
How to decrement a counter if a button is clicked the second time -0.19
.unwrap() doesn't work after .append().load() 0.00
Change 3 background Images based on current time in 3 locations +0.19
submit form with button outside form using ajax +0.59
Always show div on desktop and toggle on-click on mobile screen +0.21
Use JQuery slice() and appendTo() to show data in another div 0.00
Play video on image mouseover causes trempling glitch +0.22
+1 to number held in string, through a function() +0.21
jQuery Validate - allow special characters in addmethod value 0.00
Regex that Match the last digit if it's alone +0.85
jQuery sortable - does the handle have to be existing DOM element 0.00
Reading a function from another function +0.48
JQuery iterate through multiple items and remove the first child of... -1.51
Don't write comma after last element in for loop -1.89
put name and value of form into an array of objects [name: value] +1.05
jQuery click to hide paragraphs beneath <h3> tags -3.06
Trying to get the value of a checkbox using Jquery +0.85
Changing the text color with Javascript depending on the number +0.65
Loop through each element and print value in order -0.40
Changing iframe attributes with JQuery +1.07
Why am I getting an undefined 'children' call? 0.00
How do I get the dynamically loaded element that was clicked with j... 0.00
How to Find Closest Date to Today From Date Attribute Of div 0.00
Traversal checkbox using jQuery 0.00
Delay Submit until then function completes 0.00
Adding classes to Jquery HTML variable -0.03
iterate through a lot of td to display barcode 0.00
how can i check that my value is null or not in dynamic generated h... +0.21
Add and remove class iteration in multiple divs 0.00
Adding element padding through multiple data attribute values? +0.96
Handle Special characters in Jquery template 0.00
Read special character in jQuery -2.81
Refashion a jQuery each() loop to Vanilla JS -0.31
Sortable handle is not being triggered +1.39
Having issues selecting next element in selectbox 0.00
How to Execute ajax async call after getCurrentPosition callback. 0.00
Jquery multiple unwanted rotation +1.02
This selector should be .thisclass using Jquery +0.21
Div number check and setInterval don't work correct together +0.19
how to sort date with 'MMMM Do YYYY, h:mm:ss am/pm' in javs... -1.59