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1753.14 (30th)
150,335 (155th)
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Title Δ
Overloading the left shift operator for strings in C++ -0.72
Efficiently check element exists in map c++ +1.00
An example about namespace in C++ 0.00
How should I use automatic type conversion in the sum of two comple... -2.96
std::vector initialization in another function -2.10
How to call the base class constructor when the derived class can n... 0.00
Adding function parameters to a vector +0.57
Why doesn't C++ complain about multiple definitions of an opera... +1.12
Mutating value on reference on const reference object 0.00
in C++ using atof to convert string to decimal not working 0.00
Passing array as function parameter, and calling begin/end methods... 0.00
Alternative to std::next +0.92
Can I add to a vector using placement new 0.00
Memory Address showing? C++ +0.36
C++ unique_ptr rvalue passing using std::move not working -3.12
How to recongnise C or C++ +0.82
Do structs need to be passed by reference in order to be immutable? +0.19
Is it possible for a class to set the value of a variable that it i... 0.00
google tests: can not create string from char array? +0.58
C++ Check if array created with 'new' +0.18
How to update second value of map using iterator 0.00
std::set is giving errors after g++ compilation +0.19
Multiple operands for overloaded * operator 0.00
keeping the same vector throughout the function for additions and d... 0.00
How can I return unique_ptr from factory method? 0.00
Why can I reinitialize a constant inside a loop? +1.00
std::for_each with function object 0.00
inserting " " key into map 0.00
Call function in class stored in map 0.00
C++ Compile Error (comparison between signed and unsigned integer e... 0.00
Lint (CLang) complaints on 'override' in specialization 0.00
When is it sufficient to declare const_iterator as a const iterator? 0.00
Non-mutating version of std::map 0.00
begin() and end() for STL algorithms +0.20
Can't deduce const auto& 0.00
changing pointer of a dynamically allocated array +0.79
Guaranteeing move of large std::vector 0.00
Conditionally instantiate a class that has a deleted default constr... +0.67
Modifying const returning from function 0.00
calling begin and end on vector returned by member function +0.37
initialize std::array without copying/moving elements +1.55
Weird User-defined Comparison struct Error for priority_queue in C++ -2.04
How exactly std::string_view is faster than const std::string&? -0.39
overloading signature identical methods with const keyword 0.00
Equals operator on STL vector of pointers 0.00
Clash with identifier 'clock' from time.h 0.00
Guarantees on STL parallel search algorithms 0.00
LList::LList() referenced from main.o - XCode error message 0.00
c++ - an iterator for an abstract class 0.00
(Why) should a move constructor or move assignment operator clear i... +0.82