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Martin Smith

1738.80 (42nd)
225,186 (69th)
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Title Δ
SQL Server 2012 - Find first appearance of a character in a set of... 0.00
Need help translating a TSQL UNION to a JOIN +0.19
SQL Server Map multiple columns in Case When Then -1.16
convert datetime in SQL query 0.00
TSQL Conditional Where or Group By? +0.19
How to construct a query that shows all procedures inside a procedu... 0.00
SQL Server : cross apply makes columns to be nullable 0.00
SQL Concatenation using case statement -2.88
Is there any better way to perform unpivoting without using Union A... 0.00
Which is better : to group records in a sql server stored procedure... 0.00
SQL Server stored prcedure definition is different with sys_modules... +0.20
How to select denormalized ingredient data in SQL Server? -0.30
Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'Oct '... 0.00
SQL Server: Select rows with multiple occurrences of regex match in... +0.57
Check if XML is just a particular string? 0.00
SQL Server - count of COLUMN X where COLUMN X has a letter in it 0.00
Select winners name from tblAccounts based on results in tblFixture... -0.80
SQL Server : how to update table b , when a single row is updated i... +0.20
Arranging Byes in a match fixture knockout (Switching Row Values) SQL 0.00
Create #temp using SELECT INTO with desired data type +0.62
Transpose Count From Horizontal to Vertical +1.06
Sql query to show only duplicate records based on two columns +0.44
how to convert multiple column data in single row in sql +0.55
detecting SQL queries from string in C# 0.00
Pivoting a table in sql 0.00
'MEMORY_OPTIMIZED' is not a recognized CREATE TYPE option 0.00
SQL Server 2008 R2: Matching strings +1.17
Can this be done without a loop or cursor +0.83
Grouping Data by DateTime Range 0.00
SQL Server - Need to create multiple rows based on lookup value -1.77
SQL Server stored procedure and prevent sql injection +1.01
SQL:How can I make the function that change all the uppercase to lo... -1.75
Return NULL instead of permission was denied on the column error 0.00
Using a User defined table type with a temporary stored procedure i... 0.00
How to use SUM over GROUP BY in SQL Server? +0.86
SQL Joins with ON statements all gathered at the end -1.56
Eliminating DateDiff in SQL Server where clause 0.00
Calculating a rolling count over a specified window -0.18
Get SQL Server query to return zero records instead a single null r... -0.82
TSQL XML - Filter Nodes LIKE 'x' on Cross Apply 0.00
How to update temp table from another table +0.20
Repeat of SQL Server error “An expression of non-boolean type speci... 0.00
How status is calculated from sys.sysconstraints? +1.46
How can query with a false "where" condition return resul... +1.47
Get last folder and file name from full filename in SQL Server -0.86
Lots of _dta_ indexes and stats on Production database, but is_hypo... 0.00
Conversion Error in SQL Server - why? +0.19
Is MS-SQL AND/OR conditional (perform short-circuit evaluation)? +0.20
Multiply Values from Col1 to Number of Columns in SQL 0.00
Allocate number of items in one table to available space in another 0.00