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Martin Smith

1740.41 (39th)
225,186 (69th)
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Title Δ
How to check if a list of tables exists in SQL Server? +0.42
How to execute a stored procedure which has its object name stored... -3.16
How to display tinyint values as Month name? +0.76
Check constraint doesn't work in SQL Server 2016 +0.67
Test unique filtered index with tSQLt 0.00
Is SQL Management Studio expected to automatically display bit as t... +0.65
Insert Value Based On Previous Rows When Using Table Parameter For... 0.00
SQL Server Query Hints for EXISTS Clause 0.00
Creating an Index to optimize MS SQL Query +0.20
Stopping the LAG function from incrementing +0.91
SQL - How can I use a Select based on the parameter -0.13
Why is Sort operation before Nested Loops (Inner Join)? +0.20
Stored Procedure Not Working With LIKE and % Passed As Parameter +0.72
SQL Server : don't send email if transaction rolls back -1.14
Unused space in FOR XML Path? 0.00
How to properly use SQL CASE statement -0.14
SQL Server - Predicate and Seek Predicate on the same column 0.00
To UNION or Not to UNION -0.12
Grant permissions for specific time of day 0.00
TSQL-failing to parse XML(namespaces) +0.77
How to identify changed values using a SQL Server temporal table? +0.79
How to identify changed values using a SQL Server temporal table? -0.41
Weird T-SQL DATEADD Overflow +0.18
How calculate TRIMMEAN in SQL Server 2012? -0.78
How to convert each row of the first column as a header and second... +0.19
Why is my SELECT query taking so long? +0.21
MS SQL 2012 : In SQL Shift columns to left side if column contains 0 0.00
splitting a text string - variable vs. column +0.04
Checking if UTD parameter has values in stored procedure 0.00
GROUP BY with additional filter -0.30
SQL get data from XML field +1.40
SQL Server concurrent 5 timestamps in a columns +0.62
Cannot insert the value NULL into column with procedure -0.46
SQL SERVER: Define same database collation for temporary table 0.00
How do I convert a varchar into a negative number? +1.31
sql execution latency when assign to a variable +0.19
MSSQL: T-SQL to find only the IDs that are found in all 4 columns r... -0.08
How to format a column in SQL Server? +0.59
Why can't I run INSERT EXEC on a table variable in a T-SQL func... 0.00
Return value in a row where another value in the row is missing fro... -0.69
SQL query takes several minutes when using variable in subselect -1.31
SQL Server - View name in definition is different from actual view... 0.00
optimize Table Spool in SQL Server Execution plan +0.81
Left justify 9.2 SQL select SQL Server 2012 -2.75
� IN SQL Server database -1.27
Temp table is present in the tempdb +0.17
I am looking to update an integer value of one column based on part... -0.82
SQL Server: what do tables named #ABCDEF01 contain? -2.49
TSQL select max from 3 columns and then inner join a column -3.33