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Martin Smith

1743.37 (39th)
225,186 (69th)
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Title Δ
Why is there a big difference in latch waits for an update against... 0.00
CPU% Cost Query in SQL Server 0.00
Cross Apply With Aggregates 0.00
SQL Server 2008 rounding and comparison issue 0.00
Using a function in a WHERE statement 0.00
How can I tell if a column can be made into a varChar from a nVarCh... -1.20
Grouped random sample MS SQL Server 0.00
SQL Server: Key Lookup without Clustered Index +1.35
VS Database project Error with %%physloc%% 0.00
Rewrite recursive CTE using while loop +0.19
What would be an alternative for sum(distinct)? 0.00
how to remove all ',' after last word in SQL 0.00
XACT_ABORT not rolling back a transaction on SQL Server 2012 0.00
Semicolon before throw statement 0.00
Calculate total when lower level table is amended in SQL Server 0.00
Shuffle column values of multiple rows +0.90
Why is field name Location blue +0.19
Why does SQL Server skip over an IF statement? +1.13
SQL Server Round Robin Tournament +0.91
In SQL Server, how to reduce the number of columns displayed when u... 0.00
Hoping to remove an ugly self-join on a CTE 0.00
SQL Delete statement taking too long to execute -1.48
What is the use of a feature called "framing" in T-SQL wi... +1.17
Confusion regarding transaction ROLLBACK on server restart 0.00
Entity Framework Force CASE-WHEN column to be not nullable 0.00
Grouping records and starting Row Number as a odd number when parti... +0.89
SQL Max Date of multiple columns, return column name 0.00
Is it possible non-Clustered Index while creating Table? -2.01
SQL adding numbers column +0.18
SQL statement to retrieve specific string +0.99
SQL - Populate temp table with date intervals with minimum impact o... 0.00
Why does a Recursive CTE in Transact-SQL require a UNION ALL and no... +0.91
Trying to Pivot one column based on the value in another 0.00
Do page splits happen at NON -UNIQUE clustered index in SQL Server? -1.01
How to find stored procedure that point to another DB 0.00
OBJECT_ID() fails to get object id in SQL Server 2014 0.00
Why are the logical reads appearing in IO STATISTICS even after cle... 0.00
SQL Server - Referencing another column in a CHECK clause 0.00
How to remove the whitespace while concatenating while some have Nu... +0.37
Add separator when fetching values from XML in SQL +1.18
Remove null values in SQL server -0.80
Is there a SQL Server collation option that will allow matching dif... -0.79
where are the inserted and deleted pseudo tables stored? +0.70
SQL Server stopped using INDEX after COLLATION change 0.00
Implementing User-Defined Function with expression 0.00
SQL Query Where Column = '' returning Emoji characters ... +0.84
How to recognise that a constraint is unnamed in Sql Server? 0.00
How to extract data from xml like string in SQL Server 0.00
SQL Server 2012 - Find first appearance of a character in a set of... 0.00
Need help translating a TSQL UNION to a JOIN +0.18