An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1738.60 (45th)
6,590 (12,575th)
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Title Δ
Is the c++ primer making something wrong with the usage of `dynamic... +1.58
Is it safe to pass a void pointer to function that accepts a non-vo... +0.57
C++ std::vector difference between creating object then adding it v... -0.30
Type aliases and template template argument deduction 0.00
Why my variadic template constructor does not match its arguments? -1.01
Arrow operator and vectors +0.69
When should I use [[maybe_unused]]? -1.53
template argument deduction for function pointer (g++ & ICC vs... 0.00
0 vs '\0' while initializing char in C -1.42
call constructor of class with brace enclosed initilizer list +1.00
Can `nullopt` be passed as non-type template parameter? +1.14
Will calling a non-virtual function on a class that has a vtable be... 0.00
Providing a C API to your C++ library and strict aliasing 0.00
Returning ifstream by value compiles 0.00
Error on subscripted value is neither array nor pointer nor vector +1.48
Why take the address of a reference give me a second rank pointer? 0.00
Does omitting sign automatically default to signed variable in C? +0.64
Can we use pointer of enum variable in C +1.02
Why deleted copy constructor doesn't let to use other construct... 0.00
STL way of creating/filling std::set from std::vector +0.33
How to deduce the return type of a function template base on a &quo... 0.00
Does future::wait() synchronize-with completion of the thread of ex... 0.00
Behavior of self-assignment with const ref parameter 0.00
c++: inherit constructor, but change by editing methods called with... +0.37
std::tuple member by member comparison fails 0.00
How to avoid mistakes in operator== implementations in C++? -2.33
C++ sharing one variable among more instances of object +0.20
Return array with const number of members +0.52
Why the need of virtual tables on calling virtual functions at runt... 0.00
Good practice to #define an unsigned bitwise macro flag 0.00
Move a vector<T*> to vector<const T*> +1.25
Pointers, the * operator +0.20
What are 'user keywords' in the codeblocks IDE? +0.76
How can I have both conversion constructor and conversion operator? -0.81
Calling processing constexpr at runtime. C++ 0.00
How to use make_heap to create a min heap in c++ 0.00
What is lambda functions type? C++ 0.00
Return statement in c +0.72
Remove object from vector based on object property 0.00
Compile error when retrieving a value from a struct in C -3.08
Initializing a vector of pointers to vector 0.00
Errors C2664 and E0167, stumped -2.11
Local array inside Heap object - C++ 0.00
Class member initialization order, C++ +0.97
if statement in assembly ouput of c code +0.72
How to negate a predicate supplied by `std::bind`? -1.22
does strrchr return nullptr instead of NULL in C++? 0.00
Why is const required for 'operator>' but not for 'o... +1.19
std::map without parent pointers? +1.51
How to use result_of with const overloaded member function -2.35