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Eric Lippert

1908.92 (1st)
367,481 (23rd)
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Title Δ
c# - How to allow specific class call specific method -1.58
Does clearing a List containing ComObject, release all of them in c#? 0.00
Modify duplicate values with duplication index suffix (using Linq) -2.20
Why do I need "new" for jagged array initialization? 0.00
C# Generic loop to return list w/ type -3.64
Calling base class's virtual method from derived class instance 0.00
C#7 'in' parameters allowed with operator overloading 0.00
Converting nested loops into LINQ +0.42
Constrain method type argument to be base of class generic type +0.49
Use null-conditional operator to set value to 0 if null +0.21
Generic type constraint checking +0.49
Can't understand why array initializer in object initializer ca... -2.57
Why does this very simple C# method produce such illogical CIL code? -0.94
Using Random in Parallel.For +0.26
how continue, the jump statement affects for loop in c# -0.36
Should I do a 'Task.Wait()' in a C# loop of sync and async... 0.00
c# 7 when using generics for method parameter I get The constraints... 0.00
Get the amount of binary numbers that meet a criteria and are less... -0.07
Get the amount of binary numbers that meet a criteria and are less... -0.07
Is floating point arithmetic stable? +0.08
Undocumented behavior of ! and ?? operator -2.19
C# 7 ref return for reference types 0.00
How can I proof a difficult big o notation? 0.00
C# Access function in another Form Class 0.00
Mapping a multidimensional array +0.14
Given two objects s1 and s2 of a struct which only contains boolean... +0.08
Is negative quadratic function quasiconvex 0.00
Algorithm to find multiple rectangles in an irregular polygon 0.00
Covariance and Contravariance with Func in generics +0.31
DivideByZeroException compiler check complexity: easier or harder i... 0.00
Is it possible to use Rosyln or Resharper to detect possible Divide... +0.37
Why less specific overload taken over more sepcific overriden metho... 0.00
Is there an NP pr0blem that is not NP-complete or P? 0.00
When would == be overridden in a different way to .equals? -0.41
concat result of three tasks in an async method in a proper way +0.44
counting number of occurrences per minute in java 0.00
Why does my while loop not terminate in this functional language? 0.00
How to implement an interface member with my own class in another c... -2.35
Multi checks in a try catch statement - is this okay? +0.21
Lambda Expression - C# compiler inference +0.07
Continue workflow while async operation is running +0.10
Interface method's parameter types and return types 0.00
Porting C Code to C# / dereferencing a pointer +0.84
How/Why does ref return for instance members +0.75
What is the size of uninitialized struct vs uninitialized class in... 0.00
Calculating the approximate run time of a for loop +0.19
Why does C# not allow anonymous cast to objects? 0.00
Error: The name does not exist in the current context +0.15
How to combine items in List<string> to make new items effici... +0.30
Is there any risk making a base class generic and then making a cla... 0.00