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Eric Lippert

1918.65 (1st)
367,481 (23rd)
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Title Δ
What Is The Point of Value on Nullable Types In C# +0.40
C# BeforeFieldInit Jon Skeet explanation confusion 0.00
LINQ C# complex nesting structure +0.08
Compile time safety of derived classes virtual functions? -0.44
Two times inherited from a generic class +0.08
Achieve (possibly) covariant cast 0.00
Does await new Task(async () => Actually halt execution until fi... +0.08
When is the best place to use Task.Result instead of awaiting Task +0.51
How do I add a parameter to a method in my interface in C# without... 0.00
What happens when async code attempts to resume on a thread that is... +0.77
Why compiler didn't use same object reference for a static expr... +0.07
How to repair a Parallel for()-loop not to return a different value... +0.26
C# checked box redundant +0.20
How to get subset of List<T> items based on their Sum of an o... +0.22
How to efficently generate n different subsets of length k from List? +0.45
Memory usage difference between Generic and Non-generic collections... +0.23
Output of code using System.Random does not approach theoretical li... +0.08
Getting my values back as int[,] after storing them in a stack of o... 0.00
Does a namespace not contain other things than type names? +0.08
Disposing implicit references within using statements +0.21
C# Lambda Expression translated strange, Any Suggestions? 0.00
Take list of unique by name Presidents with the oldest date of Gove... -3.32
Best practice / idioms in C# to create "case classes" +0.09
Should you declare a constant value as a private variable if only u... +0.08
Covariance in Generics: Creating a Generic List with a Bounded Wild... +0.08
Operator '==' cannot be applied to operands of type 'T&... +0.39
Confused with % operator -2.04
Exception on Monitor.Exit in C# 0.00
How to enqueue and dequeue a lot at the same time? 0.00
When inheriting a base class, is there a reason why C# defaults to... 0.00
What is the fluent object model to make this work? +0.63
What is the functional difference between passing a class to a func... 0.00
In what situation might Text be different from ValueText 0.00
C#: Can I extend a foreign class such that it implements a local in... +0.08
Prevent certain objects from being added to a ArrayList -1.76
What is the std::partial_sum equivalent in C#? +0.08
Integral type promotion inconsistency -2.66
do local variables need to be nulled/disposed in methods? -0.42
Is it possible to promote an instance to an instance of a derived c... +0.08
C# "Integral constant is too large" - Integer variable to... +0.36
Optimizing loop -0.81
Optimizing loop -0.81
How do I make a program that rounds decimals to the amount that I w... +0.08
C# - Inside instance method, why can we access static members witho... +0.36
Double lock with volatile or memory barrier +0.40
Is there a deadlock case for Multiple locks on same object? +0.48
Why does C# support abstract overrides of abstract members? 0.00
Disambiguate between two constructors, when two type parameters are... +0.55
Trimming a mathematical expression +0.19
How do nested calls of async functions work? 0.00