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Eric Lippert

1909.31 (1st)
367,481 (23rd)
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Title Δ
Set a value or call a function on return 0.00
How to get whole number from decimal using Format String? +0.46
Call child method from parent c# +0.09
Subtracting int from double leads to an error +0.25
How to use class instance in if condition that ignore "!= null... -0.01
Does adding virtual to a C# method may break legacy clients? +0.50
How to change the values in two dimension array 0.00
How do I Stop my UI from freezing? +0.19
How could argument contravariance in Liskov principle work? -0.78
C# What does a lambda that points to a new anonymous type mean? +0.51
Recursive function to reverse the digit of an integer number +0.09
c# : how to find highest average between multiple averages 0.00
beginner trying to implement a timer in a for loop c# 0.00
Is prime algorithm lowest modulo operations +0.08
Dictionary with a string mapped to function 0.00
Is this a valid way to make a custom type thread safe? And general... +0.09
Array to List<t> c# -1.76
Cannot set a jagged array because of a needed 'new' express... +0.65
Get properties of properties of a class -1.28
How to inherit a generic class from a nested generic class in C# +0.33
Comparing two numbers (Greater than, equal to or less than) without... +0.32
Compile Conditionals - Best Practices 0.00
How does the compiler/runtime determine a lambda expression's t... +0.68
What is the difference between Array and object[] in C#? 0.00
How does one implement graph algorithms that require efficient cont... -2.96
What is a compute node? +0.08
When obscuring a class with an interface, do overridden implementat... +0.08
OrderBy numbers and ThenBy boolean not working for List 0.00
How do you compute negative numbers to fractional powers in C#? -0.42
I'm trying to understand this for loop that's working with... 0.00
"Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.&quo... 0.00
Why is object reference is always required in Main function to call... +0.26
C# how to group List by objects with the same property values 0.00
When same-named namespaces exist (in current scope), how to refer a... 0.00
Does linking keep the linked block alive? +0.09
Memoization of redundant paths 0.00
How to comply DRY principle if two functions are almost the same? +0.89
Regex for words that miss a letter and also two letters that are in... +0.35
Is it okay to re-assign the struct variable more than once? +0.08
Threading and Locking Resources +0.61
Calculate PI (OverflowException) +0.08
One Variable, Many Values? +0.32
Proper use of MemoryCache with generics? +0.09
Looping through two lists +0.08
Clearing up an issue with async & await? +0.50
C# design issue: two immutable objects with references to each other -1.75
Declare an interface where concrete implementation has concrete types 0.00
Why does the C# compiler remove a chain of method calls when the la... -1.51
Linq Statement when you need to do a Convert.To? +0.49
Cannot cast back to ICollection<T> +0.09