An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Eric Lippert

1922.08 (1st)
367,481 (23rd)
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Title Δ
C# Override abstract property with concrete property +0.40
Will CLR check the whole inheritance chain to determine which virtu... +0.35
C# console application - Calculating an average number +0.20
Generic abstract argument for method C# 0.00
C# Decimal To Octal +0.45
Why does Lazy<T> using ExecutionAndPublication behave differe... 0.00
What is major importance/role of stack memory if most of the data g... 0.00
Does it safe to convert bytes to string with UTF8 encoding? +0.35
Meaning of Third Condition In For Loop -0.59
Confused by C# lambda expression +0.23
A better way than having 3 nested for loops to get data I need +0.41
Guess the number in C# with player chances +0.20
Why do derived classes need to use a base class constructor +0.27
Can I use reflection to get the base property that has been overrid... +0.08
How to correctly block on async code? 0.00
Can I use constructor logic with object initializer syntax? +0.66
creating a method to return a range of random values +0.48
Converting C# Lambda to VB.NET 0.00
Removing keyword from list after matching the keyword with answer +0.08
Multiple linq "from" and variables visibility +0.29
How to call False method in Operator Overloading in C# -0.47
What is the difference, or relationship, between Strongly Typed and... -0.42
C# volatile variable: Memory fences VS. caching +0.08
How can my Main() method be holding references to variables that ha... 0.00
How does Equals implicitly compare lists if it is intended to compa... +0.10
C# vs Java thread-safety +0.54
Establishing Relationships With Generics 0.00
c# my destructor isn't being called? +0.38
How Generic Types Are Instantiated +0.65
Recursive to Tail recursive +0.52
Are the keywords "in" and "out" redundant in ge... +0.92
Can't create code that selects 10 out of 25 different strings u... +0.08
C# executing code using condition ? method call : method call -2.21
c# Paradox: Converting List to Array is Iterating more efficient? 0.00
Efficient way of doing ordered permutations 0.00
C# Sort by boolean equality to static string, followed by sort on i... -0.17
Async method await keyword doesn't suspend to calling method +0.55
C# Coding a Tie in Tic Tac Toe +0.29
Is Enum Right For This? +0.14
Why should strtok() be deprecated? +0.33
Is List<T> a constant, an expression parameter, or something... +0.91
Display the next letter of a string +0.24
Why is my .dll trying to load mscorlib.dll ? 0.00
Reuse token for service to service communication 0.00
Does a void expression has no value? 0.00
Referenceing randomNumber from button1_Click method +0.09
Translating Python to C# - Random Array +0.09
Interface covariance contravariance : why is this not compiling? +0.47
Why can a string object be reassigned again and again? +0.22
Async method .Result vs Sync method +0.22