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1764.71 (21st)
327,725 (33rd)
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Title Δ
Flex container overflow if previous sibling is floated +1.26
Why doesn't input minlength check work with initial value? -3.27
Performance impact of asterisk selector in 2017? 0.00
Does web-fonts need to have BOLD / ITALICS files together? 0.00
Why does firefox change align="center" to align="mid... +0.17
CSS Grid: Is it possible to apply color to grid lines? 0.00
Weird CSS hack for sharpening images (Chrome 59 and 60 only) 0.00
What is the exact screen width and height of a phone? +0.17
Append css to a class using a different class on the same element -0.89
CSS - Only select the first descendant +0.36
What is the :hover active area? the box generated by element or bas... +0.17
What can you put into a media query expression? +0.16
How to prevent CSS from overwriting a previous value when using var... 0.00
Using host direct children in CSS with Angular4 0.00
Which part of the HTML specification cause a URL within angle-brack... +0.18
Is there a language which has this sort of streamlined syntax? +0.82
background-color not overwriting fully defined background property 0.00
Use nth-child as CSS variable 0.00
Same information in multiple different formats, but only have it co... 0.00
Why should HTML DOM properties be reflected into HTML DOM attribute... +0.34
Why `nth-of-type` behaves differently in different browser versions? -0.31
How does the flex shorthand handle a single value that is represent... +1.28
What is output difference between selectors response.xpath and resp... 0.00
Is :root really useless? 0.00
One style selector to specify both hover,active within a specific c... +0.18
css transiton is not trigger by add classes in a same function -1.12
Adding class selector after pseudo selector in css +0.18
document.write () should delete all existing html after my page is... -0.44
CSS z-index and stacking contexts +0.17
"Warning: 1090: Migration issue" despite explicitly regis... 0.00
Create pseudo elements, but exclude specific elements (with not:nth... +0.15
Do we use script tags in Javscript because it lacks a linker? 0.00
Is there a way to set non-style attributes in a website's css f... 0.00
Terminology - The types of elements in HTML -1.16
why a nested element is selected by last-of-type? -0.79
"br" is not friendly with the flexbox? +0.46
In flexbox, why do we define the container and not the elements the... +1.26
What scoped CSS selector allows me to override the mdDialog contain... -1.28
Finding the data attribute value of a parent div several levels up... 0.00
Chrome malforms li > a > ul > li > a HTML +1.14
Difference between universal and nth-child selector to get all dire... +0.18
Children :before content inheritance 0.00
xml:lang attribute for <html> tag effects SEO? 0.00
Why IE11 does not support webkit-appearance? 0.00
Get attribute value in LESS? 0.00
Using custom properties with @page rules 0.00
Flexed child with overflow respects parent's max-height in Chro... +0.67
How can I use a data-attr within a href instead of an id? 0.00
Explanation for weird positioning of blocks of variable height by C... +0.89
What is the purpose of the extra <!--> in some IE conditional... 0.00