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1761.51 (21st)
327,725 (33rd)
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Title Δ
& is valid in an HTML attribute? 0.00
Excluding two id's in jsoup selector? 0.00
Select elements from attributes, with unknown value after colons 0.00
Is it possible to select elements not preceded by text? -2.78
scroll snap points after deprication 0.00
Why does this equivalent of "on.("click", function)... -3.22
CSS property "will-change" changes font color (subpixel f... 0.00
:valid and :invalid selectors in jQuery +0.67
Is there a reason why hr elements cannot be used as anchors? +0.17
Why does Safari treat these table cells so differently than chrome... +0.67
How to make background image cover entire screen and ignore aspect... +0.18
deleteRule CSSKeyframesRule method confusing behaviour in IE11 0.00
Under what circumstances do shorthand CSS properties REQUIRE separa... 0.00
Can an indexer parameter ever be null? 0.00
Combining background color and gradient in one background CSS attri... +0.53
Why are these CSS curly braces not matching? 0.00
w3c html validation error - Section lacks heading: where h2 availab... 0.00
Vanilla JS Selector for an element that has a child element with a... -0.65
HTML code set as src in iframe not showing in IE 11 0.00
@supports property syntax error 0.00
Chrome Dev Tools CSS selectors Method -0.32
Has the paged media module been abandoned? 0.00
Is there a caption for pre code? 0.00
css select last four if the last element is multiple of four, if mu... +0.17
Meta tag: do I use name or id? +0.18
Viewport pixel Vs Device pixel Vs CSS pixel 0.00
What is the CSS for Firefox's URL suggestion popup? 0.00
Which characters are in document.querySelector allowed? +1.18
Flex container overflow if previous sibling is floated +1.26
Why doesn't input minlength check work with initial value? -3.27
Performance impact of asterisk selector in 2017? 0.00
Does web-fonts need to have BOLD / ITALICS files together? 0.00
Why does firefox change align="center" to align="mid... +0.17
CSS Grid: Is it possible to apply color to grid lines? 0.00
Weird CSS hack for sharpening images (Chrome 59 and 60 only) 0.00
What is the exact screen width and height of a phone? +0.17
Append css to a class using a different class on the same element -0.89
CSS - Only select the first descendant +0.36
What is the :hover active area? the box generated by element or bas... +0.17
What can you put into a media query expression? +0.16
How to prevent CSS from overwriting a previous value when using var... 0.00
Using host direct children in CSS with Angular4 0.00
Which part of the HTML specification cause a URL within angle-brack... +0.18
Is there a language which has this sort of streamlined syntax? +0.82
background-color not overwriting fully defined background property 0.00
Use nth-child as CSS variable 0.00
Same information in multiple different formats, but only have it co... 0.00
Why should HTML DOM properties be reflected into HTML DOM attribute... +0.34
Why `nth-of-type` behaves differently in different browser versions? -0.31
How does the flex shorthand handle a single value that is represent... +1.30